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Education "vouchers" solve the fiscal crisis, and also lead to economic recovery?

Simply open up K-12 education to the market place, with government only playing a role by financing the students with a yearly education check of $8000.

*www.usagovernmentspending.com shows American local governments spending $458.3 billion for K-12 education in 2012.
*(Sir Ken Robinson says this education system is a complete failure)
*The new education cost of $8000 education check to 50 million K-12 students is $400 billion per year
*This saves $58.3 billion
*(a $6000 check would save $158.3 billion)
*The yearly education check allows students(and their parents) to choose how, when, where, and what they learn, and also who teaches them
*The yearly education check of $8000 opens up a $400B/year market to entrepreneurs, teachers, and creatives
*($6000 check opens up a $300B/year market to entrepreneurs, teachers, and creatives)

State fiscal crisis solved, federal fiscal crisis solved, and the new education market leads America's economic recovery.

Thoughts everyone?


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    Jan 2 2013: The current public education system is unconstitutional, so although I support vouchers it would be more accurate to say a support ending the current public education system.

    Firstly public education is a state responsibility, not the federal government’s, and the founding fathers wish was public education to be "encourage" by the government and controlled and micro-managed.

    Secondly the government should not support any religion and currently every public school in the US is a church for the religion of atheism. That is right atheism is a religion with evaluation being its deity and Charles Darwin being its prophet. Please note religion is not the belief in a deity, but instead a belief/cultural system and has views/interpretations of the world.

    P.S. I support standardized testing, and oppose standardized teaching.
    • Jan 4 2013: Excellent observations.
      America was built on individual liberty and freedom, and many of the first European invaders to New World settlements were fleeing religious persecution. Education by government has forced one religion onto all.

      Do you think the competition created by opening the education market with vouchers would out-compete the public education system? I think the people would outperform the government because the collective intelligence and collective creativity of American individuals is much greater than that of American politicians. It happened with the food industry in East Germany, and is currently happening with the government mail delivery service in America.

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