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Education "vouchers" solve the fiscal crisis, and also lead to economic recovery?

Simply open up K-12 education to the market place, with government only playing a role by financing the students with a yearly education check of $8000.

*www.usagovernmentspending.com shows American local governments spending $458.3 billion for K-12 education in 2012.
*(Sir Ken Robinson says this education system is a complete failure)
*The new education cost of $8000 education check to 50 million K-12 students is $400 billion per year
*This saves $58.3 billion
*(a $6000 check would save $158.3 billion)
*The yearly education check allows students(and their parents) to choose how, when, where, and what they learn, and also who teaches them
*The yearly education check of $8000 opens up a $400B/year market to entrepreneurs, teachers, and creatives
*($6000 check opens up a $300B/year market to entrepreneurs, teachers, and creatives)

State fiscal crisis solved, federal fiscal crisis solved, and the new education market leads America's economic recovery.

Thoughts everyone?


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  • Jan 2 2013: The whole point of putting education money into the hands of the people: if parents don't like an education service offer, they don't buy it. If their children feel the service they bought is bad, they discontinue the service. Many SAT tutors offer 100% refunds.

    As of now, American government and politicians are forcing the entire K-12 population to eat the same educational food at the same education cafeteria. The costs are astronomical, and the results are abysmal. Ken Robinson's videos have almost 20,000,000 views for these very reasons.

    -There are hundreds upon hundreds of struggling rap, rock, and country western musicians working unrelated odd jobs to make ends meet.
    -Many of these musicians, singers, and songwriters would rather be teaching their craft to students instead of cutting hair and pushing shopping carts for money.
    -Opening a $400B/yr education industry to the market allows struggling artists to offer educational services and gives parents the money to pay them.
    -There K-12 students obsessive about music, singing, and dancing?
    -There parents who would prefer private group lessons from real musicians and artists?
    -Match them up!

    Ken Robinson has an entire anecdote about public education and a now famous dancer. All that family needed was educational money taken out of the hands of politicians, and put into their hands so they could choose dance education for their child.

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