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A Giant Sketchbook Library, Where Ideas Can Be Shared, Stored, and Inspiring

The idea is sort of like the ongoing Sketchbook project based in Brooklyn. What if you had a library functioning just a way a normal library functions, i.e. there are several sections and categories, you can borrow books for a few weeks at a time, etc., except it was filled with sketchbooks?

That way whenever a sketchbook is borrowed, it is drawn/written/collaged/doodled/scribbled in instead of read? That way, styles and techniques and ideas could be constantly shared.

Please tell me someone else has been thinking along the same lines!

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    Dec 31 2012: Not sure it would justify the space and staff to maintain it. Ideas are already getting shared in many forums, like this one.

    In my freshman dorm at Stanford we did keep a big book with blank pages on the coffee table in the dorm lounge, and anyone could write/draw in it. That was quite a bit of fun, it might have been a bit different because in general you knew the people writing in it.
  • Dec 29 2012: I like it.