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A system of brakes for cars which during strong brakes deflates the tires.

Slightly deflated tires have stronger grip on the ground (while consuming the rubber more). Would it then be a good idea to incorporate, as a security device in cars, besides airbags and the rest, also an electronically triggered valve, letting air escape during strong brakes?

I have no idea if this could realistically work.

One could also have a pump which would slowly bring the tire pressure back to normal after a false alarm.

Topics: car safety

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    Dec 29 2012: There could be a problem with tubeless tires breaking the bead due to running on an essentially flat tire. If that happens, you're going to have a bad time.
    • Jan 6 2013: yeah, that would be a big trouble, taking away the "pro" of being usable over and over again. Still, completely depleting the tires seems excessive, I would rather go for a partial depletion which just gives more flatness without getting to a tubeless tire situation. Thanks for the reply!

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