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Direct popular vote should replace the Electoral College.

Please state your opinion here about this debate and respond to one other person.

Pro- Lindy and Miranda
Con- Claudia and Caitriona

Debate is on Thursday.


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  • Jan 2 2013: The United States of America is the face of democracy, or representative republic. Technically we do not have a true democracy, but we tend to act like we do. When it comes down to voting for our President we spend millions of dollars on campaigns, the election, and everything in between, but what is all for when in the end the Electoral College can over rule the popular vote? If the popular vote almost always votes the way the Electoral College does then why do we need it? We live as the face of choice, yet in reality our choice doesn’t matter in the end. The representatives who are chosen for the Electoral College are supposed to have to vote due to the citizen’s choice, but not all states have the law that the Electoral College has to choose that candidate. Our system of federalism has created a way that each branch of government can check and balance each other out, and with these powers if the President was not carrying out his executive duty the House of Representatives could impose impeachment. In the end, there is no way our government could truly suffer if we do not have an Electoral College. It is becoming more of a tradition in our society, and takes away one of our greatest rights as citizens. We the people should fully own the right to vote who our president is, and not just put on a show to make it seem like we are.
    • Jan 2 2013: Even though some states allow electoral college voters to go against what the people voted for it's not going to happen. The party that wins the popular vote picks the electors ensuring they will vote for the winning party. The electoral college may not be perfect and could use some revisions but it is not taking away from the democratic process. The popular vote in each state is still taken into account.
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      Jan 3 2013: Great Points Kit- ". Technically we do not have a true democracy, but we tend to act like we do." I like the point about the EC being like a show!

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