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Direct popular vote should replace the Electoral College.

Please state your opinion here about this debate and respond to one other person.

Pro- Lindy and Miranda
Con- Claudia and Caitriona

Debate is on Thursday.


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  • Jan 3 2013: I find the electoral college to be a much needed institution when it comes to the representation of the American people. Many people find it to be a problem that the American people do not truly have a completely direct vote, and often feel like they have less power than they are told they have. I do not agree. Sure, they are fundamentally correct, they do not have a direct vote, but this is not a true problem. I believe America to be one of the greatest countries in the world, and I find the interaction between the elected and the electors to be one of the finest out of any nation. But I don't really trust the people with this power completely in their hands. Popular Sovereignty seems like the most perfect way to have a complete democracy, but it can be too much power for the people to control. In the years 1854 to 1861, the people of the Kansas territory were given the ability to vote completely on their own accord on the issue of slavery. Obviously, this was a different time, and slavery was an issue that had many fierce supporters on either side, that being said however, it was one of the most violent times in American history, with many riots breaking out, and hundreds killed. My point is not that if the American people are given the right to direct voting there will be people killed over who should be elected president, but many people may abuse the right, including politicians, who could create even harsher targeted advertising, or political groups, who could force people into voting a certain way.
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      Jan 3 2013: What do you mean by "people killed over who should be elected president?"

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