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Direct popular vote should replace the Electoral College.

Please state your opinion here about this debate and respond to one other person.

Pro- Lindy and Miranda
Con- Claudia and Caitriona

Debate is on Thursday.


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  • Jan 2 2013: I believe that the electoral college provides an equal say for all people. Twenty nine states have penalties against the electoral college if they do not vote the way the people had voted. Only twice has an election been changed by the electoral college. Honestly the electoral college gives every minority of people a say in the government. Every group has the chance to be represented in the electoral college. So to be honest the popular vote is taken into account during the elections, they just may not be the deciding factor.
    • Jan 2 2013: That's the problem, the popular vote should be the deciding factor. Why is the government voteing for itself, or in other words getting itself elected. It's like the court system, where even though the jury has the power to decide, the judge has the final say. So why even have a jury.
    • Jan 3 2013: Ryan, while I do respect your point that the electoral system rarely alters the outcome of an election, I also believe that these instances have the ability to impact society as negative as it can positive. In other words, the president elected from the electoral college rather then from the popular vote may, by chance, may profoundly effect the ruling of a nation. To oppose this from happening, the United States should base the outcome of an election solely from the favor of the people,

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