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Direct popular vote should replace the Electoral College.

Please state your opinion here about this debate and respond to one other person.

Pro- Lindy and Miranda
Con- Claudia and Caitriona

Debate is on Thursday.


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  • Jan 2 2013: I believe that the Electoral College is a fair way to represent the people of the United States but the people who make up the College should be chosen in a popular vote. If the general public has a greater say in who represents them in the college, then the system works out better.
    • Jan 2 2013: This is interesting. A popular vote to elect the Electoral College...good thinking!
    • Jan 2 2013: This is true because it does offer a more fair representations in proportion to population sizes of the states. Your idea to elect the representatives in the College that way is a very valid proposal.
    • Jan 3 2013: This would allow the College to stay in place, but give more power to the people. Great idea
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      Jan 3 2013: Interesting idea Stephen!

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