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How young is too young to voice opinions on how our country should be run?

I'm 14. I want to know if people think that is too young to have opinions on how our country should be run. I know there will be people who refer to the voting age as a valid restriction and it is. However, I want to know now people's answers and reasons differ from mine. Also if people agree that my generation ( at least that responsible ones) should be included in the talks about the MASSIVE amount of debt that this country has since we and our children will be living with it.


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    Gail . 50+

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    Dec 29 2012: No one is ever too young to voice an opinion, but there are many reasons for a child not voting.

    1. You don't have enough life experience
    2. Children your age USUALLY (though not always) take their parent's position without understanding underlying issues.

    This being said, most adults shouldn't be voting because they don't understand the issues either.

    I think that you should speak out as often and as loudly as you can with respect to the issues that impact you, as the debt truly does. But you should also understand the system behind our fiscal paradigm and understand that we have a war-based economy and what that means. (If we were to declare peace (end most military spending - the biggest budget buster), the global economy would collapse. Your parents will lose their jobs &/or not be able to afford food or heat during winter. (This is what happened in Germany when the Versailles treaty put untenable debt on Germany and stole its best farmland. People were freezing to death on doorsteps and dying of hunger. A wheelbarrow of $$$ couldn't buy a loaf of bread. That's what brought Hitler to power.) You should also learn about the Federal Reserve banking system and fractional banking practices. Today, the national banks are part of an international banking system that threatens all industrialized nations.

    So it's not just about debt. Its about MONEY. Without drastic changes, it's unlikely that the economy will survive another 15 years. Add to that global warming that's destroying arable farmland because of financial incentives, and the global population balloon, and financial incentives to destroy natural resources (fracking for natural gas turning faucets into blow torches and bad farming practices that pollute aquifers), and we're headed into dire times.

    So use this time to learn how to create your own reality. (look it up on YouTube). Those who know how to do this will be our salvation. Learn it. Practice it. Teach it. IT WORKS!!!!!

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