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What can we in the West learn about education?

In my readings online, it seems to me that we in the West like to think that we are the leading edge in all things. However, I've been reading many education blogs from theorists in SE Asia, India in particular and there seems to be a real mind-set about how education works now and how it should work.

I was wondering if there are ways that we could amalgamate Education Theories from around the globe and create a cohesive and effective way of Teaching.


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    Dec 30 2012: Any fact based and unbiased education shared on open forums without cost would be nice to begin with. But we are tarpped in this highly profitable "business" of education to develop patriotic and inwardly focused citizens out of hungry minds struggling in global economies and complex shared cultures.

    I would be more interested in how can we attract inqusitive hungry minds to "learn" from the effective ways of teaching that you develop. There are several such ways today, but how many want to learn?

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