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College Debt in the US

The national average for a recent graduate is $27,000 however, if you add all the college, finicial institution, federal, state, and local government loans it is $47,000.

The outstanding Federal Educational Loan debit is 956 Billion. (US)

This shoud not become a debate on if education should be free ... its not.

The debate at hand is that professionals in high places and making big bucks still owe money to many places for their education ...

These people are employed by the military, government, industry, etc ... what is the best means of recovering these lost loans.


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    Dec 29 2012: I know that you said that this conversation is not about whether or not education should be free, but it's hard to answer your question without pointing something out.

    I find it rather offensive that if I know something that will make your life better, I will only tell it to you if you pay me money. The more money you give me, the more I will tell you.

    The entire fiscal paradigm is terribly flawed, and it is held up by our educational paradigm that was created to support big businesses as a subsidy.

    As to recovering the loans, you can't declare bankruptcy on them. They follow you to your grave. Your wages can be garnished, and old-age social security is garnished to pay off these loans as well as back taxes. So I'm not sure what you are talking about.

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