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Looking for a term that defines individuals as having created everything around them by being a medium of perception.

When talking about reality. I'm looking for a word / term that says that we create everything and anything.

I hope my question is clear enough.
Thank you.


Closing Statement from Peter Hvidtsted

I thank you all for your time and insights.

I'm working on a project, and these comments matter greatly!

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  • Dec 29 2012: Historiographers.
    If you want to stress that those people are with the agenda you may add ' amateur ' , meaning that they are not professional historians who try, never do, for it is not possible, but they try to describe events objectively.

    ....Amateur historiographers believe you can create the truth by influencing people.

    If you want to coin something new : plot generator; messenger/ transmitter/ carrier of the idea... or plot dwellers.
    I like the last one, we tend to create stories and honestly inhabit them :)

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