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Energy Functions based on two basic Laws: A law of becoming simple and a law of decay.

This is an explanation of gravity and also the nature of the expansion of the universe as well as the oceans etcetera. Energy is the base of all things and then there is dark energy and space. Energy due to the second law is spreading out and expanding, and simultaneously because of its first law it wants to become simpler (because it is easier, like bubbles underwater).
This explains the nature of gravity because energy of different planets want to become one but due to is mass’s (from acceleration of particles) equilibrium with the Energies law it is in orbit.
The Water in the ocean is held down Due to gravity (or the first law of energy).
The expansion of the universe is due to an imbalance of the equilibrium of energy causing rapid acceleration of energy (E=MC2, Accelerated energy =mass) and mass to expand.
The acceleration of the Universe is due to the constant pull equilibrium energy and the accelerated energies wanting to become one.
Or due to the similarity of a spilled glass of milk the mass and energy is just pushing itself apart with the second law.

The Second law is also known as Entropy.

  • Dec 28 2012: I'm a bit lost. There are more standard ways of dealing with energy. I don't see your point Maybe this is like the improbability drive in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Remeber that Einstein wanted to use L instead of E initially. How does this fit together? I assume that you are serious,but this reminds me of a technique that Barney used to put a friend to sleep in Hoe I Met Your Mother. When I studied physics, it was more equations and esperiments.
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      Dec 28 2012: Where does anyone speak of the function of energy. Einstein spoke of Relativity and that mass is energy at a velocity as well as the balance of matter and energy. This is a an extremely vague explanation of how energy expands and why gravity exists, it is a philosophical observation applied to Physics.

      E=MC squared is the relation of mass and energy, this is to do with thermodynamics if anything.
      Hitch hickers is with demensions, and it is sort of symbolic.