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The media did a good thing

I have been pretty hard on the media ... I do not take any of it back .... however when the media does a good thing I would hope that we can praise that effort the same as we condem the bad things.

A USA TODAY investigation, found that some North Carolina prisoners should never have been sent to prison because they had not committed a federal crime; others received sentences vastly longer than the law allows.

All of the problems stem from a misunderstanding about which North Carolina state convictions were serious enough to outlaw gun possession or require extended prison sentences under federal law.

USA TODAY’s investigation in June identified 60 people who were imprisoned even though an appeals court said that what they had done was not a federal crime. Still, USA TODAY found that Justice Department lawyers did almost nothing to notify the prisoners -- many of whom did not know they were innocent -- and asked federal judges to keep them locked up anyway. The Justice Department reversed that position in August.

Question: Since the Justice Department knew this was occuring and "asked federal judges to keep them locked up anyway" did all of the above break the law .... should the judges be removed and sentenced ..... should the Justice Department itself (again) be investigated and those guilty sentenced ... Should the Attorney General (again) be investigated by Congress and if guilty sentenced.

Information taken from a USA Today article by Brad Heath.


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    Dec 28 2012: If enforcers of the law miscarry the law they are subject to corrective action and all injured persons deserve compensation ($). Such payments ought to be the PERSONAL responsibility of the guilty official(s). Taxpayers should not pay for miscarriages of justice. Legal malpractice insurance is what we need. There is a great need for lawyers who are good at defending bad lawyers.

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