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The media did a good thing

I have been pretty hard on the media ... I do not take any of it back .... however when the media does a good thing I would hope that we can praise that effort the same as we condem the bad things.

A USA TODAY investigation, found that some North Carolina prisoners should never have been sent to prison because they had not committed a federal crime; others received sentences vastly longer than the law allows.

All of the problems stem from a misunderstanding about which North Carolina state convictions were serious enough to outlaw gun possession or require extended prison sentences under federal law.

USA TODAY’s investigation in June identified 60 people who were imprisoned even though an appeals court said that what they had done was not a federal crime. Still, USA TODAY found that Justice Department lawyers did almost nothing to notify the prisoners -- many of whom did not know they were innocent -- and asked federal judges to keep them locked up anyway. The Justice Department reversed that position in August.

Question: Since the Justice Department knew this was occuring and "asked federal judges to keep them locked up anyway" did all of the above break the law .... should the judges be removed and sentenced ..... should the Justice Department itself (again) be investigated and those guilty sentenced ... Should the Attorney General (again) be investigated by Congress and if guilty sentenced.

Information taken from a USA Today article by Brad Heath.

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    Dec 28 2012: If enforcers of the law miscarry the law they are subject to corrective action and all injured persons deserve compensation ($). Such payments ought to be the PERSONAL responsibility of the guilty official(s). Taxpayers should not pay for miscarriages of justice. Legal malpractice insurance is what we need. There is a great need for lawyers who are good at defending bad lawyers.
  • Dec 28 2012: Yeah from virginia... Last place on earth anyone would look from an ignorant fearful report. Guns Do not imply inferiority in judgement.. they envoke the highest spirit of truth and justice. Two nouns and verbs that no one acts on. Any person willing to do what they wish in the highest desire.. will carry that action out. Doesn't matter if it aligns with populous vote. It's a higher purpose defined by pure good or pure evil. It is why spirituality cannot be ignored as a science... with the compulsive understanding of the minds of most with science... we can finally understand on a much more planar basic level... the reaches of desire. If it is perfection we are looking for it will be among the perfect before us... which has been preached for 5,000 years. Research leads to rides that are far deeper than fear. To a true war. Once that demands research by the silent brightest.

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    From Us
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    Dec 28 2012: What do you think of this Rob, Legit or rubbish? I thought i would get your opinion as a few kiwi's in our politico blogs i roam often are touting it about.
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      Dec 28 2012: Ken, If you are asking if the Bonus Army existed ... yes. Did it assemble in Washington and demand payment ... yes. Was it faced down by Police and later the Army ... yes. By the way they tried again in 1933 and was offered jobs in CCC and later the Congress offered to pay the bonus.

      There are books and movies on this also.

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        Dec 28 2012: It was not so much the data but the site and how it was portrayed, I have found that it is better to ask someone you know of that might have historical knowledge of said events than rather find splashing through wiki's and vast amounts of data and when one has finished only to find the discussion has moved on. I'm wary of site links that people in my country are using in their/our arguments. We can be quite stroppy with each other.

        Right now there is agitation to whether or not to arm our police or to be precise, to arm our police with glock pistols but i think a good majority of the country feel it would be the "Sliding point" of no return and that we have given in to the belief that our society has fallen. It's due to some strange assaults on our police during this holiday period.

        Thanks Rob.
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          Dec 28 2012: Ken, I think you are correct. If you were arguing for a project you would present a site, references, experts to support your position and I would offer the same for my side. The speed that the discussion "moves on" is directly related to the strength of the opposing argument.

          Although I am not in favor of any bans they are often made necessary. Introduction of weapons into any situation as a general practice is never good. My reasoning for that is that both side will continue to raise the ante .....

          Hopefully the "strange assaults" willl be analyzed and a root cause will be discovered and the "arming" will not become necessary. Societies do not fall over the holidays .... There must be some other indicators that can be examined and resolved.

          Thanks for your reply and I wish you well

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          Dec 28 2012: The bonus army incident had a cause. The cause was the FED. There was something up with Hoover he made a couple of rookie mistakes that I'm aware of.
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        Dec 28 2012: Personally i think it was great what the Bonus army did, They didn't storm the government buildings they just sat and waited. Pat could expand on it a bit more as this is historical but would this work in this day and age? A vastly different era, a different type of man.
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          Dec 29 2012: I have nothing but respect for the Bonus Army, MacArthur in that incident and Hoover none at all. Hoover sucked you can't be that bad by accident.

          The FED did what it did on his watch. At the start of the depression they lowered the money supply which naturally created a depression. Just like today Bernanke is creating inflation by increasing the money supply. So there was no money to pay the well deserved bonus that the vets wanted.

          There is a dearth of data on why we fought world war 1 and 2. A couple of fun facts are that Rockefeller spent a couple million (inflation adjusted) to promote books that explained why we went to war. No books were written from the opposing point of view. Prescott Bush (H's dad and W's grandad) was found guilty in a U.S. court of law of financing Hitler.

          Yup there is more to know about this time than the average opiner knows.