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New ways to listen to music, mood music, weather music, keyword searched music.

Don't you think that the internet should offer new ways for people to listen to music?

Like for example music depending on the mood of the user, music based on the weather that is at the users location, ability to generate music playlist with simple effort of typing only a keyword.

I have been developing a website for music in which the user can choose music based on their mood (angry, happy, sad)... Also there are 2 more options weather music and expression music. The website is still not where I want it to be, but I personally thought the idea was interesting and useful. Unfortunately i don't get much users nor support of any kind.
So I was wondering what do you think is it something that should be explored more, how to better it, how to find support, IS THERE INTEREST for something like this.

You can check out the idea here

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    Mar 30 2011: Cool site, I'm definitely gonna share it with my friends. One suggestion- Maybe you could start off by playing some samples of songs and let people rate the songs for how they feel at that moment. You could then use those answers to create a playlist for them.
    One question- is this site technically legal? I don't care, I'm just wondering because some people might.
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    Apr 19 2011: I put a new version of the site online check it out.
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    Apr 4 2011: Thanks for your kind words Max.
    Interesting idea, allow the people to mood rate the songs from availably moods. I love it, it could be pretty awesome, and the quality of the playlist would get a lot better. But for that to work i would need a quality community of users who would be willing to use and rate the songs.

    As far as the legal part, all content is streamed from other sources, no mp3 file is stored on my server, i search the internet for the mp3s and play them from there. There is a licence i found of a similar site that says that as long as the content is not modified it's perfectly legal.