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What are your New Year's resolutions?

Last year, Sajeesh Ragavan posted this question at http://www.ted.com/profiles/933068

Now, having made it through the 21st of December, 2012, it seems like exactly the right time to post it again!

I've been inspired by Dr Mike Evans short video about how much more successful New Year's resolutions tend to be compared with making resolutions at other times of year. Just posted a TEDed and would welcome your thoughts and feedback: http://ed.ted.com/on/cu5IwKY6

Happy New Year!!!


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    Dec 30 2012: I used to make New Years resolutions. But I have learned that a better, smarter and wiser person should not wait to run harder towards the finish line or exhaust their wits and energy at the shot of the gun. It is how they perfom, persevere and stay determined during the race that matters the most. Hence I make resolutions all through the year for various reasons and often inspired by various ideas. Some I achieve, some I try and fail, but only to pick up another one. Perhaps an essential process of continuous self evaluation and progressive development that every person should indulge in.

    Hence I guess if I have a New Years resolution, it is to continue to self analyze and develop all through the year!
    • Jan 1 2013: Wonderful, Maaher!
      Just like you, I used to make New Year's resolutions, but somehow I got disappointed at myself in the process of attempting to achieve them all. I used to fail—a lot. So, for about 2-3 years, I've intentionally avoided setting New Year's Plans—stuff like that. It gave me a wrong inspiration that I got a very good excuse not to do my best to accomplish my personal goals. That is, I've used the realization, which you and I both realized, for supporting my coward excuses.
      For this time for sure, I do not want my excuse of weakness, which destroys my passion toward my youth, to manipulate my mind.
      You know what, I had at least the whole 6 months planned out with 5 big, yet quite specific plans.
      For this time, I will try really hard even if I fail again and again while not giving myself any room for futile excuses(Ironically, I remember reading an article of ineffectiveness of proclaiming one’s own goal that goes like, “I will~”, but somehow I feel necessity to put that kind of scientific or psychological studies aside. I want to. lol)
      And even if I wouldn't accomplish my goals, the fact that I did my best for myself and my loving people would remain.

      However, I agree some TEDsters’ idea that the time when we make resolutions doesn't necessarily need to be January 1st. Anytime, anywhere, we can always start over! We should know that, right?

      Happy New Year to you!
      Partly inspired by
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        Jan 3 2013: Great talk! I've added it to the list above.

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