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How would you take over the world?

This is meant to be a fun and creative forum where you can tell the TED community how you would take over the world or die trying! To start off let's say you are from an upper middle class family in the United States of America. Obviously intelligence and leadership skills are given. What would be your path to world domination without destroying the whole planet in the process?


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    Jan 2 2013: Implement rules over the Free Market Economy to create a Regulated World Market Economy.

    Nationalizing/Globalizing the banks and central banks to make a Planetary Currency to unite the Nations.

    Implement rules over the new Planetary Banking System to fit the direction of the new Regulated World Market Economy.

    RWME Basics :
    Profit is not allowed to every corporations, profit will be a privilege given by the PBS to corporations which products or services are greatly needed to improve the quality of life of the people until satiety is attained and maintain.

    Bankruptcy will be apply to every corporations which products or services are considered threatening to human life.

    Freedom will be granted has a right to every individual. All needs will be provide by either private-corporations or state-corporations for free until satiety.

    Basic Needs are Housing/Electricity, Food/Water, Clothing/Health Care, Education/Entertainment, Transport and Access to Work/Humanitarian Aid projects if desired.

    The Currency will be earn by anyone that Work or participate in an Humanitarian Project. The individuals who do not wish to work will not be penalized but will not be privileged either, unlike those who decide to participate in Humanitarian Projects or available work.

    Privileges may include owning a house coupled with a piece of land, owning transportation units, etc. (you get the idea)

    "This is a fairly poor description of the basics of the system as i can't mention even half of the economy workings basics, if you don't understand keep in mind that this system is not meant to be a growing economy for a growing population but a stabilizing economy for a stable population."

    Now stable population requires birth control, my idea is to limit pregnancies to one per couple and possibly add an extra pregnancy per individual who works and owns already everything that he or she could own by privileges earned. That is to say someone who has worked about 20 years total, 7295 days.
    • Jan 3 2013: It would work if people were satiated with the necessaries of life, or satisfied having just enough given to them. And it's true, we all know people who are like that. I'd like to think I'd be happy with that too. But the vast majority of people? I don't think there's a chance that they would just happily fit into that system. You'd have half the population of the world in an uproar.
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        Jan 3 2013: I understand what you mean but i believe that we can adapt ourselves to this form of system gradually.

        But first of all the majority must decide to take this kind of system to make it work, the majority likes to remain blind to reality, the facts are, we are exploiting our arable soil too much and we're wasting a large amount of resources for unnecessary superficiality.

        So called rich country are in fact indebted countries, to me the only solution is this solution, it's odds of success are low, even almost nonexistent but it's the only solution i see as a real possibility.

        Turning the system upside down.

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