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How would you take over the world?

This is meant to be a fun and creative forum where you can tell the TED community how you would take over the world or die trying! To start off let's say you are from an upper middle class family in the United States of America. Obviously intelligence and leadership skills are given. What would be your path to world domination without destroying the whole planet in the process?


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  • Dec 31 2012: The Life Force is a server with all of your previous hundred lifetimes in one iPAD just for you!
    I could help everyone to prove his iPAD so as to conquer three basic needs? What did I look like, where was I a citizen and when was the time frame of each lifetime. This is basic identification for man on an iPAD that is the destination of the Cloud Era and it will be called the Clergy Era.
    The answers to these basic questions of matter, energy, space and time turns my loyalty or goodness and sweet humility to the human spiritual family, full circle. For example, I will discover that I am Soul wearing a human body and we who built all the great civilizations known today are no longer the same citizens there. They have gone forward as explorers to build new civilizations that can move the human spiritual family beyond the mind, the cloud of consciousness.
    On the contrary, we who live in these great cities or civilizations today are settlers who need to take advantage or take for granted the gift of life and learn to seek the highest in everything, how everything is a good thing and every disappointment is a blessing. I will thus have discovered why I have come back these hundred lifetimes afterwards and how I will use every single experience since that first time for better result today. The answers explain why one hundred lifetimes may be up to one million years of uninterrupted story in human spiritual evolution and it could be called one day on God’s calendar. I would have found the secret design of My Community iPAD.
    I hope everyone can accept to say that each lifetime may be represented by one day, today and Soul is the Clergy of Consciousness here on earth learning through: 1. Entry into Life 2. Exercise of Living 3. The fulfillment or Exit from Life or death. The world’s three ways of learning serve no purpose in Exit from Life phase.
    The fourth way of learning, the divine way, will become everyone's method to turn the fear of death into love of immortality.

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