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How would you take over the world?

This is meant to be a fun and creative forum where you can tell the TED community how you would take over the world or die trying! To start off let's say you are from an upper middle class family in the United States of America. Obviously intelligence and leadership skills are given. What would be your path to world domination without destroying the whole planet in the process?


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  • Dec 30 2012: Spread rumors about joy and name yourself King Positivity, leave no stone unturned, make threats to all violent people of a cheerful takeover and if they don't comply they will be attack by kindness and bliss. Take time to meet every person on the planet and make sure that they have everything they need to survive and provide them with what they don't have. Make better effort in promoting world peace and creating laws that force everyone to give a helping hands. I still believe we need laws to control the peace and harmony and letting people know that anyone found not loving there neighbors will be subject to a lifetime of love.

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