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How would you take over the world?

This is meant to be a fun and creative forum where you can tell the TED community how you would take over the world or die trying! To start off let's say you are from an upper middle class family in the United States of America. Obviously intelligence and leadership skills are given. What would be your path to world domination without destroying the whole planet in the process?


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  • Dec 30 2012: Ok so now I have a solidified plan to take over the world. Obviously I need to start a large corporation and then go to a small country island and tell them I will bring them thousands of jobs if I can put my HQ there but only if they don't make me pay taxes. My company will not be extremely profitable and can use these profits to expand even more! Eventually my company becomes the largest company in the world. I can use this money to now start buying up countries an land and weapons as troops and technology to make my country a much more powerful one. I then ask other nations if they want to join my country and form a union. This start a domino effect and the countries that don't want to I can either start a rebellion force or pay off the political leaders to join my country. I form a military style government where we are preparing for war and at maximum efficiency. Once I achieve this I can start to take over other countries by use of force. Hopefully they will want to avoid a war and will join my union however I would have all the people in Africa and South America (the two continents I take over first) to aid in my war effort. I would save the super powers for last (China Europe Russia USA India) and slowly take them out one by one. Using my larger population and by not trading with them and this crashing their economies, I could eventually rule the world!
    • Jan 3 2013: Until one of those superpower's intelligence agencies realizes what you're doing and assassinates you. Ooops!

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