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How would you take over the world?

This is meant to be a fun and creative forum where you can tell the TED community how you would take over the world or die trying! To start off let's say you are from an upper middle class family in the United States of America. Obviously intelligence and leadership skills are given. What would be your path to world domination without destroying the whole planet in the process?

  • Dec 27 2012: step 1) Ask a bunch of smart people "How would you take over the world?"
    step 2) Find the most plausible solution
    step 3) Do it.
    • Dec 27 2012: Oh gosh... He's on to me....
      • Dec 27 2012: That might be because It's:
        "The same thing we try to do every night pinky!
        try to take over the world!!!"

        (loaned quote from 'pinky and the brain' added the info just incase some people have been living under a rock during the past few decenia)
  • Dec 27 2012: Ask a question as an anonymous user, then find a good answer .
    follow the advice and become the king of the world
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      Jan 9 2013: Shh! Oh man. Now my plan won't work if EVERYBODY knows.
  • Jan 1 2013: Why in the world would anyone want to take over the world? Taking care of 7 billion morons would be such a drag. And I include myself in the 7 billion, but a bit more advanced. LOL
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    Dec 29 2012: As a popular song once said, "Send lawyers, guns, and money!"
    Oh wait....their doing that now.
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    Dec 28 2012: If you conquer your greed you have taken over the whole world.
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    Dec 27 2012: I disagree that upper middle class in USA are all intelligent and have leadership skills. Yes they sure like to think so but it is far from reality.

    Now to answer the question: I would buy ideas from Dr. Evil for 1 million dollars.
    • Dec 28 2012: Haha I meant to say that IF you were a upper middle class American with those skills. Of course most upper middle class or even most people don't have those skills
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    Dec 27 2012: Why? What's the need for world domination?
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      Dec 27 2012: Yaya! Clap clap clap clap!! Whoo Hoo! You win the bonus prize! yay! Clap clap clap!
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    Jan 9 2013: "The power of love is greater than the forces of nature"
    - Backstreet Boys, from the song 'Forces of nature'.
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    Jan 3 2013: I would enable the people of the world to take it over using something like this

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      Jan 9 2013: Now Armistral. You will never reach world domination that way.

      Ok so if you took over the world, you'd give it to everyone else. Brilliant. That's 6,999,999,999 people forever in your debt.
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    Jan 1 2013: I do not wish to dominate the world, I seek power for the purpose of giving power back to the people.
    To accomplish this I would create a "Representative Direct-Democracy"-party. A party where all views are welcome and where we could easily take and give power to/from the ones best/worst fitted for each job.
    The whole "One leader" attitude is such a waste of resources, we should all decide on our future, when we have the energy to do so.

    Here's a party that I'm working on advancing in Sweden. http://aktivdemokrati.se/manifesto/
  • Dec 31 2012: The Life Force is a server with all of your previous hundred lifetimes in one iPAD just for you!
    I could help everyone to prove his iPAD so as to conquer three basic needs? What did I look like, where was I a citizen and when was the time frame of each lifetime. This is basic identification for man on an iPAD that is the destination of the Cloud Era and it will be called the Clergy Era.
    The answers to these basic questions of matter, energy, space and time turns my loyalty or goodness and sweet humility to the human spiritual family, full circle. For example, I will discover that I am Soul wearing a human body and we who built all the great civilizations known today are no longer the same citizens there. They have gone forward as explorers to build new civilizations that can move the human spiritual family beyond the mind, the cloud of consciousness.
    On the contrary, we who live in these great cities or civilizations today are settlers who need to take advantage or take for granted the gift of life and learn to seek the highest in everything, how everything is a good thing and every disappointment is a blessing. I will thus have discovered why I have come back these hundred lifetimes afterwards and how I will use every single experience since that first time for better result today. The answers explain why one hundred lifetimes may be up to one million years of uninterrupted story in human spiritual evolution and it could be called one day on God’s calendar. I would have found the secret design of My Community iPAD.
    I hope everyone can accept to say that each lifetime may be represented by one day, today and Soul is the Clergy of Consciousness here on earth learning through: 1. Entry into Life 2. Exercise of Living 3. The fulfillment or Exit from Life or death. The world’s three ways of learning serve no purpose in Exit from Life phase.
    The fourth way of learning, the divine way, will become everyone's method to turn the fear of death into love of immortality.
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    Dec 31 2012: Trained, genetically modified Bunnies, with really sharp pointy teeth. That would probably be the best route. They will so not see that coming.
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      Dec 31 2012: The only flaw is if your opposition has "Thy Holy Hand Grenade" all is lost.
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        Dec 31 2012: Not a chance, the gene engineering I plan on using includes dense lizard scaled Iron skin. The only flaw I foresee is I named them all nee. ;)
  • Dec 29 2012: After making all the right connections, then making smooching with all those ladies over 65 (they love attention and they vote), I would provide FREE Cable and Internet service to all the people of the world. This would keep them so occupied in their homes, I would be able to make my plans for world domination.
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    Dec 29 2012: Uh. Become a multi-billion-dollar corporation, upload military industrial complexes via major governments, secure a bank account in the Caiman Islands, backed up in Swiss accounts, and remain invisible. Some call it old money...
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      Dec 29 2012: This was meant to be a 'fun and creative forum', Mark, and no lesson on contemporary attempts ... :o)
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        Jan 9 2013: Oh no. I was teaching again wasn't I. Ew.
  • Dec 27 2012: Two comments:

    1. THIS world? Wouldn't want it.

    2. Sounds like work. I have never understood how or why power motivates some people. It surely does, but to me this is a mystery.
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      Jan 9 2013: uh oh, let's lift a veil of mystery, of work, life, power, being...

      1. the Dakota do

      2. powerlessness on the other hand hits hard, unmistakeable

      mnisota is milky water, but the name didn't come from power, more from a way of being and observing nature

      Perhaps the truth is that nature owns us and not the other way around.
      • Jan 9 2013: 1. The Dakota can have it. I am sure they will do a much better job.

        2. In the context of taking over the world, I was using "power" as meaning power over other people. If by powerlessness you mean having to endure situations imposed by other people, with no power to change your situation, yes, I would not want to be in that situation. Wait a second. I already am.

        3. I have no doubt that we do not own nature.

        I like to think that I am part of nature, but I do not think that "own" is the right word for that relationship.
  • Dec 27 2012: I'd get myself elected to the USA Congress, they seem to think they have done this already!
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    Dec 27 2012: I would release the Honey Badgers.
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      Jan 9 2013: Yes yes. And the Kraken, don't forget the Kraken.
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    Dec 27 2012: An evolution of human thinking no revolution, an empowerment of the individual and an atrophied of government.
    • Dec 28 2012: How can you be ruler of the world if there is no world government? Or do you plan on becoming the CEO of a mutinational corporation so rich and powerful that it is a de facto world government?
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    Jan 7 2013: bio weapon with a vacine I have and can administer
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    Jan 6 2013: If you join me I will tell you.
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    Jan 3 2013: Firstly: you need to do it so the population does not release that they are slaves and believe they are free and living in a democracy.
    Secondly: ….. Hold up ….. has someone already taken over the world and we just don’t know it?
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    Jan 3 2013: Well there are 2 options. Lead with fear or lead through admiration. Getting people to admire you is hard. Some people will hate you just because you're admired. Fear is the most likely route. Large empires with one person in charge (dictator) is handled with fear. How you could hold the whole world in fear? Maybe start a new religion or maybe a plague? Either way it's important that you crush any and all individuality. People should not be allowed to think for themselves. That would just lead to revolt. So I think killing billion people over your evil reign over the earth should service... Another dark age
  • Jan 3 2013: MaryJane Twenkies. In a few months I could buy the world.
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    Jan 2 2013: Given that I was intelligent and possessed leadership skills .... why would I want to take over the world.

    Power is an aphrodisiac ... Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I am not the right person for that kind of power. I fear for my soul should I be weak.
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    Jan 2 2013: Implement rules over the Free Market Economy to create a Regulated World Market Economy.

    Nationalizing/Globalizing the banks and central banks to make a Planetary Currency to unite the Nations.

    Implement rules over the new Planetary Banking System to fit the direction of the new Regulated World Market Economy.

    RWME Basics :
    Profit is not allowed to every corporations, profit will be a privilege given by the PBS to corporations which products or services are greatly needed to improve the quality of life of the people until satiety is attained and maintain.

    Bankruptcy will be apply to every corporations which products or services are considered threatening to human life.

    Freedom will be granted has a right to every individual. All needs will be provide by either private-corporations or state-corporations for free until satiety.

    Basic Needs are Housing/Electricity, Food/Water, Clothing/Health Care, Education/Entertainment, Transport and Access to Work/Humanitarian Aid projects if desired.

    The Currency will be earn by anyone that Work or participate in an Humanitarian Project. The individuals who do not wish to work will not be penalized but will not be privileged either, unlike those who decide to participate in Humanitarian Projects or available work.

    Privileges may include owning a house coupled with a piece of land, owning transportation units, etc. (you get the idea)

    "This is a fairly poor description of the basics of the system as i can't mention even half of the economy workings basics, if you don't understand keep in mind that this system is not meant to be a growing economy for a growing population but a stabilizing economy for a stable population."

    Now stable population requires birth control, my idea is to limit pregnancies to one per couple and possibly add an extra pregnancy per individual who works and owns already everything that he or she could own by privileges earned. That is to say someone who has worked about 20 years total, 7295 days.
    • Jan 3 2013: It would work if people were satiated with the necessaries of life, or satisfied having just enough given to them. And it's true, we all know people who are like that. I'd like to think I'd be happy with that too. But the vast majority of people? I don't think there's a chance that they would just happily fit into that system. You'd have half the population of the world in an uproar.
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        Jan 3 2013: I understand what you mean but i believe that we can adapt ourselves to this form of system gradually.

        But first of all the majority must decide to take this kind of system to make it work, the majority likes to remain blind to reality, the facts are, we are exploiting our arable soil too much and we're wasting a large amount of resources for unnecessary superficiality.

        So called rich country are in fact indebted countries, to me the only solution is this solution, it's odds of success are low, even almost nonexistent but it's the only solution i see as a real possibility.

        Turning the system upside down.
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    Dec 30 2012: I'd use the greatest inspiring force in human history... religion. I would get a few followers in a third world country through charisma, drug induced trances and other illegal substances would fake out of this world experiences. I would feed on the weak and hopeless. Give them hope and release and they will eat out of my hands. Once I have enough followers i will start a cult involving mind control and other such practices which I will slowly grow until I have enough people to use peer pressure to grow even further. I would then take over the country i was in using military force if necessary.

    I would take a third of the nation and arm them while the other 2 thirds i would turn into slave labor (this would of course be organised by race or some other such characteristic) under a small minority. I would then send out "missionaries" to do the same in other countries while i take advantage of my free labor force to make myself financially superior to everyone else. Once I'd taken over Africa it would be easy

    The world might not be left in the best of conditions but it would be mine...