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Should people who are not Christian celebrate Christmas?

I tire of people who claim they are atheists and non Christians celebrating Christmas, it is hypocritical to the point you are not even permitted to mention the name of the Messiah without being told to stop "being a bore". The only reason Christmas exists is to celebrate the birth of Christ (yes I bloody know the date was changed) so why do people insist on changing the name of the festival to "Xmas" and try to remove religion from it?
These ignorant shallow people can find other festivals with which to explore their boring conformist ideals. Christmas is for the Christians, it brings non Christians together also and that is the beauty of it but stop trying to steal it to suit commercialism.


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    Dec 29 2012: I'm agnostic and I celebrate Christmas. The majority of my family is Christian though. I use the holiday to spend quality time with family. I cherish the holidays. I will celebrate Christmas with my children someday. I grew up celebrating Christmas. To me Christmas is not about gift-giving, but it is about being with family.

    I will say though I respect Christmas as a religious holiday for Christians. I say "Marry Christmas" and don't think they every should have to say "Happy Holidays". I do not insist on changing the name to "Xmas". I don't want to take away this religious event for Christians. But I am not bothering anyone by also celebrating the holiday in the privacy of my home. I don't care how anyone else celebrates their holidays, so nobody should care how I celebrate any holidays.

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