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A very promising cancer therapy should be explored and established even if it is not patentable and will not make much money for hospitals.

GEIPE (Gentle Electrotherapy to Inhibit a Pivotal Enzyme -- Ribonucleotide Reductase or RR) cancer treatment cannot be patented, but ii should still be explored and established because it is entirely scientific, non-toxic, highly effective and low-cost. Major cancer institutions like MD Anderson Cancer Center & National Cancer Institute have acknowledged the validity of this approach to treat cancer.
For details, please view this 6-minute video: http://youtu.be/hpO62HgXvsw.
(The scientific basis of this treatment provides a better insight into why electric fields are effective in halting cancer growth - the topic of the talk below. The two treatments are related.)


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    Dec 26 2012: I have been looking at this sort of thing recently. I think vitamin B17 seems to be promising, but has been black-balled by the authorities for the same financial reasons. Folks in the US now have to travel to Mexico to try the therapy.
    Seems to me there many promising avenues that are blocked because of the massive profits generated by the cut & burn technology we've been stuck in for the past 50years.



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