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How can international support for the National and International Peace Every Day Treaty For Global Truce and Global Cease Fire 9/21 increase

There is a unanimously ratified UN Resolution 55/282 which established the International Day of Peace as 9/21 of each year with a one day global truce and a one day cease fire called for. TED Talk Jeremy Gilley led the effort to have this day established on a fixed calendar date each year. I am proposing to build upon this concept and have a new treaty and a new resolution to be submitted into the United Nations by any nation calling for the establishment of International Peace Every Day with the National and International Peace Every Day Resolution and Treaty For Global Truce and Global Cease Fire: Every Day OF Peace Day 9/21.

I have been writing to world leaders, international organizations and UN ambassadors suggesting that this proposal be sponsored into the UN for consideration by all nations. Thus far I have not been successful at having this proposal for International Peace Every Day calling for all world leaders and all non-state combatant leaders to simultaneously command their armed forces to cease fire for one year in an annually renewable cease fire.

I realize humanity has not had one day of peace on Earth however many nations have not been involved in war and have lived peacefully for many years. There has to be a nonviolent way to lead humanity to peace or at least much more peacefulness.

If we start from the hypothesis that world peace is possible and then ask if it is possible how can humanity achieve world peace and what would humanity have to do to achieve world peace what would you advise humanity to do?

For Example:

I suggest all world leaders and all non state combatant leaders enroll in a UN Peace University Program that can be specially tailored for this population. The program may be accessible online if it would be a safety concern to secure the university with the high profile world leaders in actual attendance.

I suggest all world leaders be invited to participate in a TEDx Global Peace type event where they can all speak

  • Dec 28 2012: I just suggest that before pushing it to be expanded that you allow it to work for a while with the one day thing, then start trying to add days, like another one in 2-3 year, 1 more in another 2-3, 2 in the next 2-3 x 2, 3 in the next 2-3. A slow but steady growth, instead of just trying to push a long lasting peace upon nations which are in war currently (something proven not to work).
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    Dec 27 2012: The National and International Peace Every Day Resolution and Treaty for Global Truce and Global Cease Fire: Every Day of Peace Day 9/21can be found at: http://goingforaglobaltruce.com/

    A video about the Going For A Global Truce Peace Treaty can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=eGbUH8mouow

    The Global Truce Anonymous Fellowship meeting could play an important role in increasing peacefulness on Earth. A video of a sample meeting format being read outload can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rczP_m2l0TE and the global truce Anonymous Fellowship website can be found at http://globaltruceanonymous.ning.com/

    I am seeking to help lead humanity to peace, I am sure that it is possible to inspire humanity to be more peaceful.

    Global Truce Starts Now! Global Cease Fire Starts Now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnO0bQ6pcrA
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    Dec 26 2012: Are you the most ambitious person who ever lived? I don't know if you can have constant peace because there are so many personalities in the world, and with such a variety some are going to be conflict-oriented. Of course there is no harm in what you are doing, and it will at least inspire thought in people who receive your letters.

    Personally I orient towards very small, specific problems in my community. For example, if graffiti goes up in my 'hood, I'll be the guy who calls the city and asks them to send their unit to paint it out. If I'm out on a walk and I see a big piece of trash in the street, I'll be the guy who goes and gets it and puts it in the nearest trashcan, or walks up an alley and puts it in a dumpster. These actions make me feel good and make the world a little better. If more people did them, the world would be that much better.