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What are the biggest emerging trends around the world that we should be aware of?

The trends should preferably be those that will affect the masses. And, they could be in any field such as- technology, social media, education, music etc.,

  • Dec 26 2012: The rise in the number of people with no access to clean water.
    Half the world's population. Three (3) billion people.

    One billion have no access to safe water at all!!!

    80% of the earth's population (5.6 billion), live on less than 10 U.S. dollars a day.
    (Most of the Malagasy live on less than one dollar a day)
    In other words, growing poverty, which means growing inequality, growing slavery, all trends.

    20,000 children, 5 years of age and under, die every day. Above 5 years and the numbers skyrocket.
    That's a trend.
    Fascism is growing and numbers who support war also is a growing trend as they benefit from the aggression of their respective leaders and false beliefs.
    Another trend is the increase in Artificial Intelligence into society in the form of brainwashed people who are "team players", will defend and protect their leaders rather than their own country men and women, thus an increase in Mental Robots in the world.

    The loss of freedoms and liberties and the continued trend of destroying burgeoning democracies:i.e, those who wish to govern themselves.

    Oh, I see. You wanted more important trends like mobile phones, iPads and such. Sorry.
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    Dec 29 2012: Peak Oil!
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    Dec 27 2012: Cold fussion ..... algae fuels .... G-20 world influence on macro economics through world banking .... more failures of the QE theory of economics and the Keynesian theories ..... Proof set for strings and the "God Particle" ... Reset of educational priorities with a get back to basics such as the Singapore System has shown us and good bye to the American "nest eggers" running education ... social media has about run it limits and will soon branch off into groups catering to trends and interests ...... Bigger government ... more government over the shoulder ... larger programs ... and less Constitutional guidance .... etc ....

    One of the oft mentioned but seldom followed "problems" is how George Seros is pulling strings in many countries ... other than the United States. Obama and Berneke have set course on a New World Order .. It was mentioned by Pat that it would not be a surprise to hear Ben make a move to a world currency .... well shucks that would be great as it worked out so well for the Euro. And it would not hurt the US path that is modeled on Argentinia.

    Diplomacy is at a all time low and religious militants are at a all time high .... 80% of the world is starving and 20% is fat .... Media must become responsible and consequences adopted and enforced.

    These are some of the things I see ....
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    Dec 25 2012: In the United States organic food. Also, maybe urban farming, where people are raising their own food in cities and suburbs, keeping gardens and chickens.
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    Dec 25 2012: The status phone.
  • Dec 25 2012: One of the biggest trends that had surfaced is the exponentially expanding mobile phone usage across the world. Well, it provides extensive opportunities for anyone to leverage on. It can be for profit, for spreading a cause, or to encourage impoverished communities to hop onto the trend line to reap the benefits of this vast expansion. Well this might be the biggest emerging trend in current times.