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The US government adopt the idea of "Instead of What?"

Any new dollar of spending must come from cutting something else deemed less important. We would not put congress out of a job by saying they can no longer spend. Revenue would just need to come from within the vast resources already at their disposal. This way, confiscatory tax rates could stay the same.

  • Dec 27 2012: Maybe you are assuming what you are trying to prove. American taxes are fairly low compared to the other first world nations. Therefore, you may just be saying that the rich whine loudest.
  • Dec 31 2012: I am not in complete disagreement,but the business guys should not have collapsed the wage structure of this country. There's always so much more going on - and the big boys have mastered new arts in public manipulation.
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    Dec 25 2012: What do you do about the old dollars of spending, the interest on which is bringing us to our demise?