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Is there an attitude that can allow people to better filter/apply the ideas that they learn?

We’ve all seen the power of ideas, but I have realized something recently. There might be an over-saturation of ideas. It used to be that when people heard of a new idea, they were able to apply it to life immediately. Now, though, we are overwhelmed by all the ideas every day. Even I would like to watch more TED talks every day, but I am getting tired of more and more responsibility for knowing all the right decisions in life. I can’t help but wonder if sometimes when we are applying new ideas, we are also forgetting old ones. We used to have enough space to learn the important and the unimportant ideas. Maybe we need to learn an attitude that allows us to filter ideas and really latch onto the most important ones. I personally have seen people’s ability to neglect the most important things in life, and focus on the unimportant. Perhaps there is a life attitude that can allow us to simply take pride in efficiently applying all the ideas to life. If such a life changing attitude exists, it ought to be the first idea that we spread. Any ideas?


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    Dec 25 2012: Dan, this is a hard question to answer because an idea that's important to you might not be important to me. For example, perhaps you need more ideas about how to wash your clothes more effectively. I might already know how to wash my clothes but I need ideas for what I can make in the kitchen. So we're going to filter differently. It might come down to really being in touch with what we need.

    Also, I agree with Mark that one doesn't have to be in a super rush. In general, if you don't get the idea you need today, you'll get it tomorrow.

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