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Democracy - The most inefficient type of government?

I look at general masses of people, what they do, how they think, how easily they are manipulated, and how clueless they can be. I often wonder how people can be so ignorant! And this got me to think "if the masses are so ignorant and so easy to manipulate, why do they select our leaders?" Well this brought me to another point, is democracy really an efficient form of government if its people are ignorant?

We are prisoners of democracy. If you are on the opposing view of the masses and unable to convince the needed majority, then you effectively have no say, even if you are correct.

This wouldn't be a problem except that it seems that people, now more than ever, are suckers of propaganda, rumors, and biased news. If the masses don't understand what they are voting for and are so easily swayed, how can we still consider democracy a superior system of government?


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  • Dec 24 2012: Efficient is someone (or something) that does more with less, so my first question would be: inefficient compared with what???. Show some figures and your source, in order to agree or disagree.

    You are right, masses are often ignorant, easily driven and dumb, but democracy grants anyone the right to get out and stand up (if most people don't use it, that's another story). This simple fact, I think, is what balances the equation, and makes the big difference with other methods of government. On a monarchy or a dictatorship (socialism is a dictatorship by definition) if you were born as part of the mass you will die being part of the mass, you simply don't have the right to scale in the social fabric. So I stay with democracy with all its faults.

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