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Is art actually important to a society?

Is art (music, artwork, sculptures, etc) actually important to a society? Is a society with more art going to be more creative, innovative, and intellectual?


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    Dec 24 2012: If art is the name we give to those human efforts to create something meant to tangibly reveal one's feelings, then yes, it is important. If it is the production of objects as a way to gain fame and fortune, then no, it is not important.
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      Dec 25 2012: Yes.
      Art is also a language in image or acoustic code. It may be used to express good as well as bad.
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        Dec 26 2012: I guess you mean music when you refer to acoustic language. And I assume you mean painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. when you refer to image language. What I do not know is what you mean when you refer to a "code". A code requires decoding to be understood. What is your point? Thank you!
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          Dec 26 2012: Yes. I would think:

          Language --- encoded by words with a little art.
          Art --- encoded by image and sound.

          People communicate mainly with language.

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        Dec 26 2012: OK, I guess. Anyway, what is your answer to the question as posted?
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          Dec 28 2012: My answer ---- Art is not "actually important to a society", but only a secondary position.
          Thank you!

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