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Is art actually important to a society?

Is art (music, artwork, sculptures, etc) actually important to a society? Is a society with more art going to be more creative, innovative, and intellectual?


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    Dec 24 2012: Man, dude, that is a great and difficult question. I think I'll ask one of my own. What makes art art? If you say art is beautiful, then is anything beautiful art? If I groom myself excellently, wear great clothes that fit great, in other words make myself beautiful (a male version of beautiful), is that art? Why, or why not?
    • Dec 24 2012: Well Greg you bring up interesting points. I suppose part or question was answering what art is and then determining if it is essential to society. So, to answer your questions, I am not sure hat art is but I isplose that we could assume dressing well and grooming yourself could make you a peice of art as well
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      Dec 26 2012: Art and aesthetics are two very different things. Art can be beautiful, it can be ugly, provocative and even repulsive. Art carries ideas - sometimes trivial, sometimes revolutionary.

      And the continuous debate about what is art and what is not art is tiring and pointless at times. Do we have debates about what is music and what is not? No, we listen to what makes an impression on us.

      If you wish you can call your outfit art, but what use is it to me that your clothes fit great? Where is the idea?

      One of my favourite pieces of art is by a Chillean/Danish artist Marco Evaristti. It was live goldfish in blenders that were plugged in. It's not beautiful and it doesn't require any skills. A tabloid newspaper paid someone to press the button and turn the goldfish into soup. The tabloid newspaper got their front page which sparked a public outcry. For weeks the whole nation was debating the death of a couple of goldfish, while eating their bacon and being indifferent to human suffering. Now that is art!

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