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Which philosophies create better long lasting relationship Gender roles or Gender Equality

Gender roles and Gender Equality are contradictory philosophies; pick one, because you can’t have both. Under the gender role philosophy it is my role to stand up and let you sit down on a crowded bus, under the Gender Equality philosophy you ought to stand up on a crowded bus because I got here first. Under Gender Role I should pay for the date. Under Gender Equality: We pay for our own meals. Gender Role: It is mainly my job to be the provider in the house hold. Gender Equality: Get a job and pay half the bills.I’m not stating that one philosophy is wrong or right, but I am saying be consistent and stop wavering between the two philosophies depending on which one is most beneficial to you at the time ( both men and women).


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  • Jan 22 2013: Why are gender roles against gender equality? Equality is the right to chose and be accepted. If I choose to stay at home and look after my children that should be accepted and respected. Often times it is not. It is looked down on. That isn't equality. People get mixed up with equality and being the same. Men and women are not the same!

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