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Which philosophies create better long lasting relationship Gender roles or Gender Equality

Gender roles and Gender Equality are contradictory philosophies; pick one, because you can’t have both. Under the gender role philosophy it is my role to stand up and let you sit down on a crowded bus, under the Gender Equality philosophy you ought to stand up on a crowded bus because I got here first. Under Gender Role I should pay for the date. Under Gender Equality: We pay for our own meals. Gender Role: It is mainly my job to be the provider in the house hold. Gender Equality: Get a job and pay half the bills.I’m not stating that one philosophy is wrong or right, but I am saying be consistent and stop wavering between the two philosophies depending on which one is most beneficial to you at the time ( both men and women).


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    Dec 24 2012: Do you think the referred subjects are Philosophies ?
    Don't want to jump into defining Philosophy.......however I feel those more Social Thoughts then Philosophy.

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