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reza boushehri

student at the international school of choueifat,

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Helping Teenagers all over the world to grow and become more confident and faithful in themselves. To build a brighter future.

As the citizens of tomorrow, us young people should be able to build confident,faithful,and more optimistic characters in order to survive in tomorrow's ups and downs. "We are a product of our own thoughts" as Stephan Covey says. So why not think in a better and more ambitious way? All young teenagers should find out about their limitless power and imagination.They should all strive to work diligently and faithfully towards attaining their goals.


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  • Avi Dey

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    Dec 24 2012: This is a wonderful challange and there are wisdom now on a community level that can be adopted from 'success model" commnities in inspiring teens to careers of future through arts and science bridge. Move away from clutures of mindless violence and move toward peaceful world and disocver the spirit within via music and drama. This is the success model that can be connected. viia "community to community" link as in Post world war II Europe called "community twining". Makes sense ?
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      Dec 24 2012: Hello Avi,
      your idea made sense to some extent.Unfortunatley, I did not really comprehend some of your ideas.Can you please open up more?

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