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Helping Teenagers all over the world to grow and become more confident and faithful in themselves. To build a brighter future.

As the citizens of tomorrow, us young people should be able to build confident,faithful,and more optimistic characters in order to survive in tomorrow's ups and downs. "We are a product of our own thoughts" as Stephan Covey says. So why not think in a better and more ambitious way? All young teenagers should find out about their limitless power and imagination.They should all strive to work diligently and faithfully towards attaining their goals.


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  • Dec 24 2012: I have been looking at N.N. Talebs book Black Swan again. In that and foooled by randomness,he makes some interesting comments including about time to think. Bill Gates has done the same about Bill Gates,Jr. Being contemplative may be helpful, too. Also, many great men have not been happy, optimistic,etc. Many people we most admire did not have happy childhoods. This includes people from Winston Churchill to E. Roosevelt. The idea of complacantConfident kids with good self-esteem with no good reason to feel that way has almost become a joke in the United States. The idea of having a "can't fail" attitude sounds good. Look at the people who are manic-depressive who end up in jail. It's the manic phase not depressive that get them in trouble. Be happy, but don't loose contact with reality.
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      Dec 24 2012: Hello George,
      It is true that many famous people did not have happy childhoods back then. On the other hand, to be successful, one should not neccessarily have a bad life. You mentioned being happy but not losing contact with reality. I think it is better to be more optimistic rather than realistic.

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