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Helping Teenagers all over the world to grow and become more confident and faithful in themselves. To build a brighter future.

As the citizens of tomorrow, us young people should be able to build confident,faithful,and more optimistic characters in order to survive in tomorrow's ups and downs. "We are a product of our own thoughts" as Stephan Covey says. So why not think in a better and more ambitious way? All young teenagers should find out about their limitless power and imagination.They should all strive to work diligently and faithfully towards attaining their goals.

  • Avi Dey

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    Dec 24 2012: This is a wonderful challange and there are wisdom now on a community level that can be adopted from 'success model" commnities in inspiring teens to careers of future through arts and science bridge. Move away from clutures of mindless violence and move toward peaceful world and disocver the spirit within via music and drama. This is the success model that can be connected. viia "community to community" link as in Post world war II Europe called "community twining". Makes sense ?
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      Dec 24 2012: Hello Avi,
      your idea made sense to some extent.Unfortunatley, I did not really comprehend some of your ideas.Can you please open up more?
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    Dec 23 2012: I applaud your embracing optimism. Optimism and a commitment to hard work are typical foundations of creative achievement.
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    Dec 24 2012: Hello Greg,
    I am not trying to say you don't know about the world, but I feel like I know more about teenagers that you do, and that is because I am a teenager myself. Nowdays, teenagers as I said are ruining their hopes and dreams under the name of realism. I think that if all teenagers start dreaming big and have faith in their dreams, then the world would dramatically improve.
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    Dec 24 2012: Reza, down below you say the world can dramatically change. What change do you think the world needs? In my mind the world is already pretty good.
  • Dec 24 2012: I have been looking at N.N. Talebs book Black Swan again. In that and foooled by randomness,he makes some interesting comments including about time to think. Bill Gates has done the same about Bill Gates,Jr. Being contemplative may be helpful, too. Also, many great men have not been happy, optimistic,etc. Many people we most admire did not have happy childhoods. This includes people from Winston Churchill to E. Roosevelt. The idea of complacantConfident kids with good self-esteem with no good reason to feel that way has almost become a joke in the United States. The idea of having a "can't fail" attitude sounds good. Look at the people who are manic-depressive who end up in jail. It's the manic phase not depressive that get them in trouble. Be happy, but don't loose contact with reality.
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      Dec 24 2012: Hello George,
      It is true that many famous people did not have happy childhoods back then. On the other hand, to be successful, one should not neccessarily have a bad life. You mentioned being happy but not losing contact with reality. I think it is better to be more optimistic rather than realistic.
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    Dec 23 2012: Please take this matter seriously and sacrifice a few minutes of your time thinking about it. I am sure if we build a stable and confident youth character, tomorrow's world will be a better and brighter one. We should guide that young onto the right path and help them attain their dreams and goals.
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      Dec 23 2012: Reza, please know that most adults have given MORE than a few minutes thought to the importance of young people's understanding that diligence and learning are key factors in leading gratifying and productive lives. I don't think what you are putting forward in that respect is very controversial. From your writing "please take this matter seriously and sacrifice a few minutes of your time thinking about it," I think perhaps you don't realize how much time adults spend thinking about this sort of question, both in the case of their own children and youth more broadly.

      An exception may be what you mean by "limitless power." I think convincing anyone he has limitless power, regardless of the person's age, is a hard sell, but that aspect of your case is not necessary to promoting interesting and productive lives. If one makes that argument to young people and they find that their paths are not strewn with limitless victories over the obstacles, they may begin to doubt all the other valid advice and encouragement they have been given or to blame themselves entirely for what they don't achieve.
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        Dec 23 2012: I have to admit and concur to what you said Fritzie. I think there is a difference between thinking about an idea and really implementing through blood,sweat and tears. What I really like to see is showing teenagers some examples and famous people. We have to teach them about reading. I am sure that every teenager can succeed in his/her life by reading 1)The 7 habits of highly effective people and 2)How to think and grow rich by stephan covey and napoleon hill respectively.

        It is true that is we tell them they have limitless power they won't buy that;but what if we tell them to try it and see if it works. You mentioned failure. If we teach through the right ways that failing, failing and failing again is all they need to succedd, then they will finally come to understand. Anyhow, this work requires faith and hard work as teenagers will not easily be persuaded. But it is POSSIBLE.
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    Dec 23 2012: Pat, thank you for commenting but can you please clarify what you said a bit more? It's not that you are wrong or anything, but maybe it's because I didn't really understand your point there.
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      Dec 24 2012: An individual has 2 choices regarding life one is to be effect one is to be cause. The democracies of the world would have you believe that you need to be taken of as in the case of Greece, Argentina, France, UK, Spain, U.S., and others.

      In other countries they believe that freedom is more important. The key to sucess in this environment is the exchange of what you have with another. To create something else is willing to exchange for requires purpose, integrity, hard work, the ability to work with others, and bunch of other qualities.

      Of course there are shades in between these 2 extremes but the standard of living the world has today is because of the latter.
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      Dec 25 2012: Once again my profound words are met with:

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    Dec 23 2012: There is no better incubator for what you are speaking of than the free market.
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    Dec 23 2012: Thank You Fritzie, I would really be thankful if you support my cause on Facebook "youth success and future". We should let all adolescents become aware of the power that lies within them. Through faith,confidence, and optimism, the world can dramatically change.