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Imagine a scenario this century that is very bleak for agriculture. What do you think we should do to address humanity's thrivability?

Suppose two things:
Suppose that the food producing carrying capacity (the number of people that can be fed from arable land) of the Earth within this century becomes less than one billion due to climate change, what do you think we should do to address thrivability? Suppose that you had all the necessary resources to act. For full credit, apply empathy, logic, and self-integrating system properties. Yes, this might be on the final exam.

Jeremy Rifkin,

Paul Gilding,

Ray Kurzweil,

Michelle Holliday,


Closing Statement from Mark Hurych

Thanks to everyone that participated. I apologize to anyone who might have felt slighted.

The answer I got here is that people are on many different islands of being about humanity's current reality. We all have hopes and fears but our paradigms I've found are unexpectedly different. Our perspectives and priorities sometimes don't even seem to have common ground.

I very much want to find that common ground, across cultures, across the globe, across everything that separates and isolates us. One way I plan to address this yearning is by tuning my questions to be more inclusive and collective.

I feel that art does this, pulls us together and gives us common ground, even across language barriers and across time. I want to be good. This sounds so strange but I want to be a good ancestor. I don't see myself as an artist but I would very much like to do something for the greater good the way a composer or an artist might leave behind an inspiring artifact.


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  • Dec 26 2012: A few ways to keep a population from starving due to a climatic change would be to understand the basic possibility of a extinction level event. Depending on a plethora of ideas that this may happen I would focus on self preservation before the mass population could be helped. For me I would need to create a vacuum sealed chamber with the exact GPS mapping grid of every location found on the surface of planet earth. Also taking in to consideration the polar magnetic fields as well as the sun and moons data with trajectory, mass, and many spectrums of waves that contribute growth on this planet. I would needso much data collected from gamma waves radio waves and all sorts of interferencewith star and planet relevance toward our solar systems. After collecting all the data I would then collect every chemical element and finding a way to replicate each one. I would then concentrate on the outer shell to maximize longevity in space with respects toward installing defencive mechanisms to combat against any unwanted outer interference. Inside this chamber would be a core energy gadge that could demonstrate the charictoristics of complete bio/cyborg organisms to generate a substantial ammount of energy that can produce more energy that was used in its creation as well as its longevity of time (mortality) then after I created this perpetual energy use it to replicate all extra energy toward building homogenized home made 100% pure seeds, eggs, and embryos, that can live in a fully functional environment peaceably with respects toward the circle of life. As more of these living organisms grow still fighting for survival there will always be a Shepard watching over all of its creatures with only 1 goal toward life it'self witch is preserving life on this planet earth with dedication toward treatment of all species as equal except all humans have dominion over all except total extinction. The first thing to do to build a remedy to this question "believe 1 way must be correct"
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      Dec 27 2012: 42
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      Dec 27 2012: I believe there are at minimum 42 ways to solve any problem. Divergent thinking such as yours is very valuable for finding solutions where no one else is looking.

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