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Do you think the increase in India's technological prowess will make them a more competitive world power? How long will that process take?

As the years have gone by, India has gone through a technological renaissance. their level of people going to high level universities as risen, and alot of factories and businesses are establishing buildings in India. Do you think that as time goes on, that India as a whole will eventually be on a level on par with that of more modern first world countries? And if so, what do you think the ramifications of this would be?

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    Dec 25 2012: No. The caste system is an anchor tied around India's waist. Corruption in government and business is the chain securing that anchor. Deal with the corruption and the caste system will fall away and India can begin to prosper as a global power.
  • Dec 23 2012: The number of calories consumed by the average Indian has been declining again in India. India is the world's largest democracy, and I assume will try to help its poor. Some business types in the United States still try to discourage reduced population growth because they desire lower wages. Hence, there is a great deal of propaganda against reasonable population activities. Big Brother is wrong in advocating that more may not result in less. Okay, enough babble - Rich countries have no or slow population growth in the World today. At least rich countries that want to stay rich do - Look at the collapse in American wage structure and social mobility. What I am saying is India's continued population growth precludes such an optimistic future. Look how much better China is doing economically. Both countries will continue to have large numbers of poor people - just too many. Howecver, china is doing what you are talking about. Sure India will have more college graduates, etc., but China is the country to watch in what you are interested in seeing.