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Perhaps we are not looking in the right way

Let’s just assume that we aren’t alone, and that the universe is filled with intelligent life. So far, SETI didn’t track the correct solar system/star to spot them. However, having spend so many ours listening to the sky it seems hard to imagine they just missed them all.

Perhaps other intelligent life forms are simply not sending high power radio waves across the universe for other (perhaps hostile) life forms to detect. But perhaps they are kind enough to send some low energy signal in such a way that other life forms can detect them because all intelligent life forms (at a certain level) are sending the same low energy signal. If there are enough life forms out there this means that we would be able to detect it. Of course no information of location is revealed. Only that there is a pulse of life running through the universe.

How can we detect it?
Not with normal focused radio antennas. We need something big to "see" as much sky as possible.

But what about the Doppler shift? The further away, the more red shift in signal when it is received at our end. So a received frequency curve at earth could already tell something about the distribution of life over the universe. This however implicates that the sent frequency must be known by all senders.

But perhaps there are different ways that such alife signal could be composed such that it can be detected by us.

Let's discuss!!

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  • Dec 23 2012: I wouldn't want to contact humans nor would I want them contacting me or knowing where I reside in the universe.
    If the chances that other beings, would be more advanced than humans are, and that means in the way in which we interact with one another (peacefully, honestly, safely and with respect and integrity), I don't know why anyone would want to be in touch with us.

    In spite of all we think we do that is beautiful, we demonstrate complete irrationality, insanity and an almost complete disconnect from nature - whatever that is, and then say that it is human nature when it is not. It is insanity.

    Well, unless insanity is our nature.

    We are a hostile species, at least in action. I believe we are better than that but with the unjust systems and leaders we have in place, our best isn't what is seen.

    These leaders and unjust systems are what have intentionally created our disconnect, our mental illness and our insanity.
    • Dec 23 2012: agree, we are a hostile species yet we are also capable of doing so much good. So perhaps indeed we need to grow as species to a higher level before we are being contacted.

      So perhaps no signals from other life forms are out there because they do not want us to see?
      But are we then such a threat for them. As humans we are currently just about to go to Mars. Not really deep space exploration..

      What would the impact be if we knew that we're not alone? Wouldn't that steer mankind into more good you think. Wouldn't it boost our spirits to a higher level?

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