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Have you realized your potential?

How did you do it?
Did you just one day wake up, work hard and suddenly you're at the top? Or are you struggling every day, not realizing it, sitting at a desk, watching these TED video's and praying for a better life.

If I may ask, what are your individual stories behind your passion and potential?
Was it starting a company in you're basement, knowing that you could do something better? Or inside a multi-billion dollar company starting in the mail room, then suddenly working on the thirtieth floor?

People's stories, especially on topics like this, really really interest me. I want to learn from them, so maybe I can realize my potential. Any thoughts?


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  • Jan 14 2013: My Story of becoming a software engineer was really funny. I was doing my bachelors in commerce. Suddenly my father asked me to appear in entrance for MBA and MCA in our country which is 20 days away. I took a 15 day examination only course for the entrance exam which was written by 1,20,000 people.

    Coming from a middle class family, my father has asked me to do a correspondence MBA if i qualify for the exam. As the college fees for two years of MBA or MCA course is around 10,000 dollars in private colleges, I though of joining a correspondence course for 250$ year and get a professional degree.

    I wrote the exam which was one of my all time best and received 95th rank in the exam... Ayila... (Alaas), I am one of the students in the top university in India, and the fees omg, only 200$ a year as it is a government college.

    Now after my degree, I am one of the lucky software engineers from India working for a reputed telecom company (Aricent) for 30,000$ per year.

    Life is such a challenge. It is good if you take up the challenge and give 100% effort.


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