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Have you realized your potential?

How did you do it?
Did you just one day wake up, work hard and suddenly you're at the top? Or are you struggling every day, not realizing it, sitting at a desk, watching these TED video's and praying for a better life.

If I may ask, what are your individual stories behind your passion and potential?
Was it starting a company in you're basement, knowing that you could do something better? Or inside a multi-billion dollar company starting in the mail room, then suddenly working on the thirtieth floor?

People's stories, especially on topics like this, really really interest me. I want to learn from them, so maybe I can realize my potential. Any thoughts?


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  • Dec 31 2012: As I watch the fireworks light up the TV screen, I can't help but wonder what it truly means? The turn of a number most of us hold as a new leaf, a symbol of hope, the chance for more opportunities of change. It's powerful, only if the message isn't lost in the noise of the fireworks, or the taste of the fancy food or the colours of our beautiful clothes. Who matters? We matter!! And I know it is a small one, but campaign to put our honourable intentions back into the spotlight! We have GDP, jobless rates, Academic passing rates, crime rates, and every other form of statistical measure that lately seem to be more bleak than anything! Celebrate this new year with me, and share with me oh those so very meaningful numbers!


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