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Have you realized your potential?

How did you do it?
Did you just one day wake up, work hard and suddenly you're at the top? Or are you struggling every day, not realizing it, sitting at a desk, watching these TED video's and praying for a better life.

If I may ask, what are your individual stories behind your passion and potential?
Was it starting a company in you're basement, knowing that you could do something better? Or inside a multi-billion dollar company starting in the mail room, then suddenly working on the thirtieth floor?

People's stories, especially on topics like this, really really interest me. I want to learn from them, so maybe I can realize my potential. Any thoughts?


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    Dec 28 2012: Hey Kaleb,
    3 years ago I realized I was unauthentic and not reaching my full potential as a human professionally and personally. The last 3 years have been extremely painful and wonderful at the same time. I had to look at myself honestly and ask how I was going to change to reach my full potential. I'm still a work in progress, I suspect I will use the rest of my life to grow and expand as a person. What has helped me overcome hurdles in personal growth is getting into therapy, reading these TED discussions or listening to TED talks, getting my hands on anything and everything from people who have a similar story. Learning from their mistakes/tribulations and applying their work to the work I do for myself. I've always had this feeling that I could be more, but wasn't sure how to accomplish becoming more. I think with a community like TED and with our own intelligence and that of others we can all find a way to be the very best version of ourselves. Hard work and finding a mentor have been life savers to me. Hard work, I can do all on my own. Finding a mentor can be difficult or challenging, but I hope you find someone! When I haven't had a mentor in my life to bounce off professional/personal ideas that's when I reach out to TED, listen to podcasts, reading books by Napoleon Hill, Jillian Michaels, Mike Dooley, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Sam Harris, Robert Kiyosaki etc. Lastly, believe in yourself. This is the best advice I've ever received. Because once you know you can do something, there's no stopping you! Good luck with your journey, may you receive all that you desire!

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