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Have you realized your potential?

How did you do it?
Did you just one day wake up, work hard and suddenly you're at the top? Or are you struggling every day, not realizing it, sitting at a desk, watching these TED video's and praying for a better life.

If I may ask, what are your individual stories behind your passion and potential?
Was it starting a company in you're basement, knowing that you could do something better? Or inside a multi-billion dollar company starting in the mail room, then suddenly working on the thirtieth floor?

People's stories, especially on topics like this, really really interest me. I want to learn from them, so maybe I can realize my potential. Any thoughts?


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    Dec 23 2012: I'm still trying to realize what my potential is. And every day brings surprises (and disappointments too).

    One may envision his/her potential in a career of some sort, but life may prepare a different mission in a form of an autistic child, for example.

    "You can spend all your time making money
    You can spend all your love making time" -- Eagles

    Love, money, time - pick one.
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      Dec 24 2012: No! Strike a balance. Love has no limits. The more you share the more you have.
      No one knows how much time we have on this earth. Make the most of every moment.
      Money, the more we have the more we can do and the more we can focus our time on what is important to us.

      Build resilience into your life by being prepared to take advantage of opportunity and bounce back from adversity. Life is continuously learning. Stop learning and you will never reach your potential.

      You cannot do it alone. Network! Build a team of people working for a common goal. My business depends on my helping others succeed and and our mutually benefiting from our success.

      Most people never reach their potential in a job. Create your own business and your own residual income. Leverage your time and money. A residual income, some call it a retirement income, will set you free to do what is important to you. Can you create a substancial residual income in 5 years? Yes, if you choose the right business model and work your business consistently.

      My business is about helping others living a quality life. More important, it is about helping our kids reach their potential in a world where everyone can live a quality life.
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        Dec 25 2012: Thanks, William. Inspiring words. I do believe that obstacles to our success are within us. Working on it :-).
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      Dec 24 2012: Dear Arkady,
      If the day brings disappointments, perhaps it is because you have certain expectations that are not being met? As my lovely, accepting, practical neighbor used to say before she died at age 92..."alter your mind".

      You are absolutely correct....life is what happens when we are making other plans...LOL:>)
      Go with the flow....find the balance. You don't have to "pick one"....love money or time. You can find the balance and the flow.....its' another cycle Arkady:>)
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        Dec 25 2012: Hi, Coleen. This is also a good advice, but it needs to be understood and applied correctly. Otherwise, we might get rid of expectations altogether, sit in front of the TV, drink beer and convince ourselves that we are happy and achieved our potential.

        What if the flow does not go where our passion is? What if there is no flow - just stagnation. What if instead of a flow we feel only Brownian motion, "The erratic random movement of microscopic particles in a fluid, as a result of continuous bombardment from molecules of the surrounding..."? Often, we have to create a flow or to make an effort to get into the one we like. Then, we can "go with the flow."
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          Dec 25 2012: Well yes, my dear one....it has to be understood and applied correctly:>)

          Not having expectations does not mean we are going to sit in front of the TV, drink beer and convince ourselves that we are happy and achieved our potential....unless that is our choice of course.

          To me, letting go of expectations means that I move toward a goal with the same passion, interest, curiosity and love in my heart and mind, AND I am open to the possibilities regarding an end result. Often times, people perform certain tasks, or behaviors, and EXPECT a certain outcome, which often does not manifest as planned.

          For example, we (humans) often do something we think is nice, for someone, and that person doesn't seem as appreciative as we EXPECT, so we get disappointed, and sometimes it diminishes our own feeling about the task or behavior. We may perceive that the "flow" is not going where our passion is sending it? It may feel like "stagnation" to us because the other person is not "flowing" like we expected?

          Yes.....we need to create our own "flow", and that is totally up to us as individuals. Many times in the life adventure, we experience the "flow" with others, sometimes we want a "flow" with others, and they do not share the same desire or passion as we have, so it feels like they are not "flowing" with us....that may feel like "stagnation" at times.

          The understanding and application is to keep ourselves "flowing" NO MATTER WHAT. My "flow" does NOT depend on anyone else....I have no expectations. I have desires, hopes, dreams, preferences, etc., and no expectations. My heart and mind are open to people and situations as they/we evolve.....make any sense?

          It is exactly what you insightfully say Arkady...so I know you already understand the concept...
          "we have to create a flow or to make an effort to get into the one we like. Then, we can "go with the flow."
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        Dec 27 2012: That is a great clarification.
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          Dec 27 2012: Thanks Arkady....works pretty good for me:>)

          So, to use your biking metaphor....

          We can start the journey with a certain plan, AND ALSO be ready for detours along the way. If we have an open heart and mind, the detours MAY contribute to the overall plan, IF we do not have certain expectations that are etched in stone.

          When folks have to take a detour in the life journey, often times, they struggle with the circumstances, resist, are so angry and frustrated because the "plan" was interupted (in their perception) they may miss possibilities and potential for moving forward, even if what is happening is not the plan as expected.

          When we go with the flow, adapt, are creative with the process and open to new possibilities, we are recognizing and using ALL of our potential:>)

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