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Build peace: be on time

My Mom and Dad had written a few words on a paper and hung it on the wall in our kitchen. We grew up watching our parents invite all kinds of people into our home for dinners. Strangers. This included any person who was lost in the airport or someone they found lost on the street....A warm meal, pajamas, a clean bed in the guest room, a bathroom, and the next day after breakfast, often supplied with a gift (usually a sweater or socks), and a map they provided a ride to the train or bus station. Most of those people spoke a foreign tongue that none of us understood. But at the end of Mom and Dad's "hospitality adventure" my parents had added a line to their list on the wall and that person had walked away with theirs. To this day my family receives letters and visits from those travelers and their children and even grand children. Every time we gather together there is “letter” readings and....tears of joy.

The paper on the wall read:

Italian: Ti Amo
German: Ich Liebe Dich
Japanese: Ai Shite Imasu
Chinese: Wo Ai Ni
Swedish: Jag Alskar Dig
Greek: S'Agapo
Hawaiian: Aloha Wau La Oe
Irish: Thaim In Grabh Leat
Hebrew: Ani Ohev Otakh
Persian: Du Stet Daaram
Russian: Ya Lyublyu Tyebya
Albanian: Une Te Dua
Finnish: Mina Rakkastan Sinua
Turkish: Seni Seviyorum
Hungarian: Se Ret Lay
Maltese: Jien Inhobbok
Catalan: Testimo Molt
French: Je t'aime
Spanish: Te Amo
Eskimo: Nagligivaget
English: I love you

Now I wish my parents had learned to say " We love you" instead.
Will you help me rewrite this list and include your language too ??

~~ With Happy New Year Wishes~~


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    Jan 12 2013: Arabic : Nouhiboukoum نحبكم
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      Jan 12 2013: Hello, and welcome!!

      Would you write that out and tell us which part is we , which is love, Which is you ( plural )?
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        Jan 12 2013: Hi Juliette,
        The verb "love" in arabic is " Ouhibou ", the " N " stands for "nahnou" which means "we" or "us" so it's for plural, "koum" is to say "you" in plural.
        "I love you"
        for masculine singular is : "ouhibouka"
        for feminine singular is : "ouhibouki"
        for masculine plural : "ouhiboukoum"
        for feminine plural : "ouhiboukounna"

        To say "we love you", we add "N" at the beginning of each of the words above.
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          Jan 12 2013: Hi Abdelbari,
          That is very helpful. I am able to see the word ending changes according to the person we are speaking to. It is starting to make sense. I am thankful. I also want you to know, on a side note, that I love your avatar.......now you can never change it - because of me ;-)

          Thank you!!
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        Jan 14 2013: Hi Juliette,
        I hope it's not copyrighted, because I won't change it, because of you :D
        I think read something about " you and your husband ..... " I read it but had nor time to reply, if you're still interested :
        Actually, in arabic, we can talk to Two people without using plural, the plural starts from 3 people and more. So if you want to say I love you to your two children (no matter the gender), you say " Ouhiboukouma ", if you and you husband want to say it at the same time :we love you, you say " Nouhiboukouma".
        I hope this helps. And you are so welcome :)
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        Jan 14 2013: I don't know why you have put " Nouhiboukouma " on the list ! you say that when you're talking to two people, only two ! I don't know if you got it right :)

        LOL, this was funny, thanks :D And yes, it's true, I think that we are obsessed about cheeks lol
        Actually I'm from Algeria which has different traditions from the Middle Eastern countries as we're not arabs, or we weren't ......... History ! but we do share the " Cheeks Obsession ". Mostly, we kiss two times or four on the cheek while greeting someone we haven't seen for a while and this depends on the person, some people you need to cheek kiss them once you don't meet for few days or a week, some you never kiss them, you just hand shake, but we have some occasion where everybody kisses everyone, like in the two "Eids", they're like your christmass maybe, any way; we don't really kiss on the cheek, we just put the cheek on the cheek, when it comes to women we kiss generally ( but not all women ! women from family and they're specific, like mother, aunt, sister and so ... ). Personally I have a friend who cheek kisses me and tight-hug me every day he sees me, sometimes he forgets he saw me earlier that day, so I receive another Kisses and Hugs XD
        Do you like our traditions Juliette ? :p
        Sorry, I talk a lot, and this is not a tradition lol.
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          Jan 14 2013: Hi Abdelbari,

          I do like your traditions. AND I am happy you break tradition and talk a lot......how else would we ever learn about each other!!

          I am sorry if I misunderstood. You wrote " if you and you husband want to say it (to son and daughter) at the same time : we love you, you say 'Nouhiboukouma' ...."

          Please tell me the right one to put on the list:)
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        Jan 16 2013: Hi Jul,
        I think the right thing to say depends on who you are talking to, in your idea you said you want to say "we love you" to people who come to your home and i suggest they're a lot so you say " Nouhiboukoum ". I guess this the right thing, I thought you really have a son and a daughter :)

        When I see Maz I will tell him about the copyrights and ask him if he wants to use them, with MONEY of course :p Quick Money for us :D

        PS : I liked you first reply better, you edit a lot XD
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          Jan 17 2013: Hi Abdelbari,

          YOU are our QM-agent.......as of now:-)
          I liked my first reply better too ......I'll see if I can find it and put it back.....glad you received it.....i edit my comment when I feel I have made myself misunderstood..........and when no one seems to find it 'helpful' or 'worthwhile' , I delete it to keep the TED roads 'unlittered' :-)

          Also Do you speak French? Not that I have gotten very far with my phrase in Arabic....but if yes please enter the phrase in French also...........while I disentangle my left brain from it's language confusion :)
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        Jan 17 2013: Do i speak french ? I only studied it for 9 years in school, after that I studied everything in the university in French for 4 years, and this is sad :( how our governmental responsibles replaced our beautiful language with another one to use in Universities !

        Anyway, get back to work;
        In french you can say " We love you " using two forms
        1. Nous vous aimons. ( nous = we / vous = you (plural) / aimons = the verb " aimer" (to love) in present simple ).

        2. On vous aime. ( on = Pronoun of the third person " il " (he).

        The first form is more precise because " Nous " means exactly " we " and represents exactly the persons who are talking, in your case you and your family.
        The second form is kind of more general, the pronoun " On " is used to indicate one or lot of indefinite persons, it's used in the place of "Nous " and in other places.

        I think you can put " Nous vous aimons " on your list.

        Hope you disentangle yourself from your language confusion quickly :)
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          Jan 17 2013: Dear Abdelbari,

          I hope you accept the Zahn Peace Prize for your participation in this idea, for co-authoring this pathway with me and for your contributions in 'building peace on time'.

          Thank you.
          ( To know about the prize see my comment to Ronny )
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        Jan 18 2013: Aw :) Haven't received a prize a long time ago ^^ and I accept it of course Juliette.

        PS: I can't find any comments from Ronny, the date you specified up in your reply to someone else doesn't even exist, but never mind, the nomination is the most important thing to me ;)

        Thank you, much APPRECIATED.
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          Jan 18 2013: See
          Ronny Edry
          TED SPEAKER
          Dec 27 2012: we love you, in hebrew
          אנחנו אוהבים אתכם
          pronounced: anahnou (we) , ohavim (love,) ot-hem (you)

          ronny edry (fb: israel-loves-iran)
          from israel

          You can find Ronny's comments in this conversation stream. When you scroll through check for the dates of postings. They are not chronological.
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        Jan 19 2013: a heart-felt recognition ? That's just nice because you seem to an honest person and I can feel that you mean it and this brings more meaning to the prize :)

        Do you think that this world will know peace one day ? I am not being pessimist, but with all this greed in the world it just seems to be a very hard cause and a long journey, but we have to try anyway.

        Some people would not start an idea like this, thinking that this is not going to change anything and this reminded me a story that I want to share with you :

        " One day, says the legend, there was a huge forest fire. From all the terrified animals, only the little Hummingbird makes an action, and splits on the fire. Annoyed, the Armadillo says to him :
        " Hummingbird ! this is useless ! "
        "I know, but I do my part ".

        You keep on the good work Jul ;) and Thanks again.
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          Jan 19 2013: Dear Abdelbari,

          Thank you for this great reminder.

          To answer your question:
          "Do you think that this world will know peace one day?" YES:)

          All peace in the world comes from the inner peace of human minds. Each person is in charge of their own mind. We each are responsible for our inner peace. Once we realize that, and each make peace within our selves, then peace will be seen outside of us in the world. Peace is what we are here for, what we became 'human' for.....otherwise there are enough animals, our species wouldn’t be an improvement.

          Peace happens when we confirm inside our own mind, our trust in the greater intention of this universe for our well being. Knowing that we are loved, allows us to be good, to be fair, to be helpful, constructive, and not buy into hate. We resolve inside ourselves that we are here to honor that love, then the human life will work.

          Peace is a personal commitment to honor the greatest good.



          I think the time has come for all in the world to grasp this knowledge about themselves... Like Ronny has shown, it is easy... Chris turns his 'Big Wheel'..TED.

          SOON the business world will see that peace is much more profitable than war!!
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          Jan 21 2013: Dear Abdelbari,
          I hope you will have a chance to read through all the entries to our thread and find them helpful in your general approach. Also see CREDITS. Soon this session will be closed. Thank you again for your collaboration. Be well :)
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          Jan 21 2013: Dear Abdelbari,

          Editing is important here because we are doing our best to produce a 'neat' and chatter-free general education piece with our collective effort.

          I can only edit or delete my own comments. You can edit and delete your comment ( entirely or parts). I wrote you directly for one reason. I never do that. This is an extremely rare thing for me to do with anyone except my students who pay a lot of tuition for my 'direct-to-your-face criticism'. I did this with you because you because I care, and because you are very special, to have made it this far. There is a lot of brilliance in you, then there is no need to carry doubt and interject doubt. We can be good and only good. This is not meant to cause arrogance in you. When you truly grasp your essence you will be humble. We can move forward that way. I actually liked this exchange, so I will leave this comment as is.

          Maybe I should start another session about couple's love advice ;-)
          Anyway I am pretty sure I wrote my solution for your dilemma on your question thread for you :-). Love is "bilaterally symmetrical " for it to move you forward it has to be mutually reciprocal. Be patient. Save your heart and soul for that person.
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        Jan 21 2013: Hi Juli,

        I wish I met you earlier :)

        " When you truly grasp your essence you will be humble ", This is exactly what I'm looking for and haven't found it yet, grasp my essence. To Be Honest, I don't know how or from where to start this, don't know if I'll find it and reach it than, I know I can seek help from others, read books or so, but there one thing that I'm sure of, I must do it by my own and find it by myself, some say this is the quest of our life !

        I don't think this a couple's love problem, this concerns me, and only me Juliette, Usually I never talk about this to anyone, even for my closest friends whom I really trust, a girl I love is classified under "Top Secret" for me, may sound stupid for some, but I don't care, this is the first girl I ever approached, I was 21 (last year). So I can tell and assure you that you are special and I felt comfortable talking to you, that's why I asked you.

        Thanks again Juliette, take care. good night :) ( it's 22:20 here )

        PS: Your students are very lucky to have you.
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          Jan 21 2013: Oop...now I see I should have suggested that you edit your previous comments and not delete it. When a comment is deleted it cuts the thread :-( but no worries the peace bridge is intact. I actually thought your last comment was one of your most valuable contributions, because it was pure and came from the heart. It was beautiful because you expressed that you had found yourself confronted with a "to your face critique"..which you had never experienced before.Yet you came around and responded from the heart.that kind of interaction was exactly what we need here.

          In the future, you can go back and modify and remove the parts of your writing using the edit button, but please do not delete your comment, I somehow thought my actions had shown this and assumed you would know. Lesson : No assumptions again. This is a worthwhile lesson to share; ~~ lets go back and edit, but never delete ~~ :-)

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