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Is TED white washing corporate propaganda?

I've made comments trying to expose Adam as someone as a shill for wall street and they keep getting deleted because it would harm adams reputation.

Adam has known conflicts of interest and questionable integrity as a "journalist".


TED likes to bill itself as "open minded" but anything that opposes the deeply fundamentalist free market beliefs of TEDS backers tends to get deleted. This is not the first time I've exposed peoples conflict of interest and trying to tell TEDSTERS that something is rotten at ted and they should take certain TED talks with a large grain of salt.

TEDS audience reaches many people who are not literate or historically well read enough to see and distinguish corporate propaganda.

The whole "fiscal cliff" crisis was manufactured and is total propaganda. But you won't hear that at TED.

Fiscal Cliff "Crisis" Manufactured to Prey on the Weak



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    Dec 21 2012: You do realize I, and many others, are reading your tirade on TED? That seems to disprove your assertion. Why don't you rein-in the accusations and post a crisp, candid, and relevant idea, question, or debate? There must be some basis for your high opinion of your ability to "distinguish corporate propaganda". Show us a specific, provocative example, please sir. Thank you!
    • Dec 21 2012: No it doesn't disprove my assertion because many of my comments were deleted.

      I would not have had to post this as a debate. It got through but that still doesn't change the fact they deleted many of my comments when I posted the same thing as the above.

      The fact that they deleted my comments when I posted the above is proof that whoever is moderating comments has issues. I imagine whoever was moderating comments on adams video and whoever approved this thread are not the same person.
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        Dec 22 2012: The difference between the two is that this debate is on-topic and somewhat constructive, while attacks on Adam Davidson on the Talk page are not. We're happy to see vigorous debate and differing opinions, but Talk comments are meant to focus on the ideas presented in the Talk, not rants about the speaker's personal background.

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