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Is TED white washing corporate propaganda?

I've made comments trying to expose Adam as someone as a shill for wall street and they keep getting deleted because it would harm adams reputation.

Adam has known conflicts of interest and questionable integrity as a "journalist".


TED likes to bill itself as "open minded" but anything that opposes the deeply fundamentalist free market beliefs of TEDS backers tends to get deleted. This is not the first time I've exposed peoples conflict of interest and trying to tell TEDSTERS that something is rotten at ted and they should take certain TED talks with a large grain of salt.

TEDS audience reaches many people who are not literate or historically well read enough to see and distinguish corporate propaganda.

The whole "fiscal cliff" crisis was manufactured and is total propaganda. But you won't hear that at TED.

Fiscal Cliff "Crisis" Manufactured to Prey on the Weak



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    Dec 21 2012: you are literate? what is your education?
    • Dec 21 2012: Truth and critical thinking are all that are required. Most modern education in america is propaganda and is compromised by corporate money. This is especially seen in economics and philosophies promoted by rich billionaires like libertarianism. Strong ideological feelings that re-enforce the status quo is a sign of lack of of respect for the worlds complexity.

      Credentialism has little bearing on what is true or not.

      Are you disputing adam is not compromised? Stay on topic.
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        Dec 21 2012: so you say you don't need any education or knowledge to know what is right?
        • Dec 21 2012: Education is a nebulous word, what one considers education is not an easy question. I have a respect for complicated questions.

          Do you have a respect for the fact that the enlightenment was wrong about human reasoning? And because of what science has discovered about how we reason that means all traditional ideologies are riddled with significant errors not in tune with how reality really works.


          I really don't like ideological reasoning, I like analysis and perspective but getting at sound methodology is often difficult and you usually can't get it in a very casual forum like ted.
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        Dec 21 2012: i didn't say university education. tell me anything you've got. in order to form an opinion, especially about such a complex subject as economics, one needs a great deal of information and explanation. 7 billion independent agents interacting. it is as complex as a large biosystem. you would not go on, and start claiming all sort of stuff about biology, would you? i hope not.
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          Dec 22 2012: That's right, we have seen those educated experts in this vast and extra complex economy doing great jobs in creating and foreseeing their bubbles. All worth any penny their parents spend on elite universities to get those smart people out into this world ... ;o) In biology some of those would probably be identifies as cancer. But because I have neither studied economy nor biology I am probably not allowed in your world view to make up my mind and to see what is happening and to use my common sense to understand, why what we see does not make any sense in to many fields of economics ...

          Sometimes to many books about worshiping the 'golden calf' makes ones mind closed to see which parts are already rotten ...

          Economy is no exact science, and you would do better to compare it with religion rather than biology, unless you hate biologists and wish to lower their discipline on purpose ... :o)

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