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Is TED white washing corporate propaganda?

I've made comments trying to expose Adam as someone as a shill for wall street and they keep getting deleted because it would harm adams reputation.

Adam has known conflicts of interest and questionable integrity as a "journalist".


TED likes to bill itself as "open minded" but anything that opposes the deeply fundamentalist free market beliefs of TEDS backers tends to get deleted. This is not the first time I've exposed peoples conflict of interest and trying to tell TEDSTERS that something is rotten at ted and they should take certain TED talks with a large grain of salt.

TEDS audience reaches many people who are not literate or historically well read enough to see and distinguish corporate propaganda.

The whole "fiscal cliff" crisis was manufactured and is total propaganda. But you won't hear that at TED.

Fiscal Cliff "Crisis" Manufactured to Prey on the Weak



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    Dec 21 2012: Yeah we know. So by virtue of this knowledge are we supposed to do something? Nothing free ever is.

    If you want to play on the playground, you have to follow the rules of the owner. It's the American way.
    • Dec 21 2012: Censorship doesn't seem very in tune with freedom of speech.
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        Dec 21 2012: It's a private non-profit. And if you know your private non-profits, they do not have to hold to freedom of speech. In fact, it's the opposite. They hold to rules and regulations that are allowed if you want to participate. Even boy scouts know this.

        Play by the rules or get off the forum.

        None of us here are stupid or naive. We all understand that in order to have a heated discourse, some type of monitoring is necessary or it all degrades into MySpace where hormonally driven rants are common. Even on TV debates are monitored I appreciate the attempt at keeping the wackadoodle to a minimum.

        TED stands for technology, entertainment and design. Not business, economics, politics, or even science but a lot of those discussion are encouraged. We all know the fiscal cliff is a bunch of BS and the corporate world has been set up to advantage just a few. I don't know Adam any more than I know Steve Jobs so his reputation is meaningless. So I am still confused as to why you think that information is important.

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