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Is Thinking an act of Multi-Tasking ?

I was thinking about how we think and couldnt get very far.
As I think, I felt there were two parts, like one part talking and one part listening. And the part talking seems to be doing so from nowhere.
Has anyone else had similar or different thoughts about it ?

  • Dec 22 2012: My understanding is that rather than multi-tasking, which occurs when a common very fast processor segments its time on a variety of problems providing the illusion of individual attention, it is compartmentalized. Different areas are monotasked with one problem. In doing so, I have also read that it perform according to chaotic rules. In this I mean that a single thought is not persued for any length of time without a sideways branch to a different thought and then a return to the first. That may be perceived as a multitasking mode of behaviour, but I think its purpose is to provide a better answer. In a similar way that muscles do not all pull together, which would cause a charlyhorse rather than the desired movement.
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    Dec 22 2012: The one example I can think of is driving a car and texting or talking on a phone simultaneously. . . but wait, that happens without thinking. Never mind.
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    Dec 22 2012: I think there is another, much deeper level of our thinking which lays 'hidden' from us, and which does not 'talk' in a language 'we' are capable to understand. This level works much faster and incorporates facts and details, which stays unnoticed by our 'conscious' and 'talking' minds. Yet even the creation of this 'talking mind' happens unnoticed on that level, and may just be a 'simulated' and slower environment for our 'awareness' to form somewhat 'outside the box'.

    Yet as long there is just ONE 'person' listening and another talking, everything is just fine ... :o)

    This TED talk may be of your interest:
    • Dec 23 2012: 'Yet as long there is just ONE 'person' listening and another talking, everything is just fine ... '

      Liked this :P
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    Dec 21 2012: My son describes it as a bee hive. When he was little I asked him where he came up with his great ideas. It took him a while but he told me it was like a beehive. He tells a bee what the problem is and the bee goes into the hive where they all talk about it and come up with the answer and one bee pops up and gives him the answer.

    That was the best description of pre-cognitive processing I have ever heard.

    The "bees" are why you can walk, talk and chew gum all at the same time.
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      Dec 22 2012: I think in terms of multi-tasking, men have just one bee and probably a bumble one ... ;o)

      This bee gets to hear our wish, goes into the empty hive, sleeps a little, comes out and gives a random answer ... voilà, next wish ... :o)

      This is why my gender and I are limited in tasks at the same time. We could do this, but then time had to slow down locally in our brain-hive by some relativistic effect, to stay unnoticed by the female world. The fact that it didn't definitely is a limitation in Einsteins equations ... :o)

      Yet the hive idea is a good one!