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Like a peace corp there should be a health corp. Cost analysis of keeping an inmate jail vs putting through college needs to be done

The health education at the the grass root. is important. .Social habbits need to change. with out that maleria was there and will be there in future.
Children are wealth of the nation. The total money spend on an inmate may be able to put that inmate through college and become productive member of the society. Good teacher needs to be recognised and supported. We esteem teacher higher than god, because teacher is the one who shows you path to the god.

  • Dec 22 2012: I think many countries already offer inmates education. My country does, but there are practical problems: inmates can't attend lectures (though they could watch a recorded version), walk to the professor's office to ask a question, work together with another student, so the majors they can take are limited. In addition you'd have to provide cheap education to the entire population because otherwise people will get angry that law abiding citizens pay more for education than convicted criminals do.
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    Dec 22 2012: Research has already been done, and for almost all,, the results are clear. But people don't want to listen.
  • Dec 21 2012: YHou are right So much is being done the way it is because it always has been. We as a society should think and try to improve areas with problelms.