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Why do people find the need to entrench themselves in rules and policies?

For me, whenever anyone (especially those in authority) say "Kaleb don't do that!" I feel the instant desire to do it. Although desire probably isn't an accurate synonym. It's more like I have to do it or I'll explode. I've been this way for as long as I can remember.

Now that I have entered the workforce, I find there are so many rules and regulations. Granted, some of these have real merit (such as the recycling policies, and earwig steel cap boots when you enter the workshop)

However, there are some rules that are just plain idiotic. What are some examples of this behavior, why do people do it? Is it because (This is my assumption) they are afraid of the unknown? They are afraid of taking risk? Or is something that happens during the "nurturing" phase of life with overprotective parents. Maybe it's even a genetic thing.


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    Jan 5 2013: Kaleb, Often rules seem stupid ... In Arizona you cannot ride a horse into a saloon .... yep still on the books. Just last year a idiot did it. I would love to know the real reason this became law. Probably had to do more with the safety of the horse than the idiot riding him.

    Most rules are written because someone has done something to harm ... endanger ... to take advantage .... to dominate others through trickery ... etc ...

    It is fun to look at the old laws and wonder if they should be stricken from the books. I searched for silly laws still on the books and found some doozies.

    My suggestion is to read them .. laugh at them ... and move on to happier thoughts.

    What are some of the silly laws in Australia?

    All the best. Bob.
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      Jan 7 2013: Hey Bob,

      That's rather odd. People here can be.. well they are pretty idiotic. I'll give you two examples.
      A) It is illegal for anyone other than a fully qualified electrician to change a light bulb..
      I have yet to figure out why this is, it's quite pathetic really.
      B) It is HIGHLY illegal to go within 100 meters of a whale carcass.
      This has to be a personal favorite. The reason they passed this law is because a whale beached itself somewhere in Queensland. This attracted many sharks. Tourists and locals alike decided they wanted to pet the sharks (while they were in the middle of a bloody feeding frenzy) so they (they being about 20 people) waded out to the carcass and began to pet the sharks. Needless to say it wasn't the brightest idea ever.
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        Jan 7 2013: G'day mate, Those are funny and the petting sharks is stupid I agree.

        I hope that is not one of the laws that you just want to run out and disobey .... LOL

        Glad we could have a laugh .... thanks for the reply.

        Bob "the yank".
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          Jan 7 2013: Bahhaa Hey Bob "the yank"
          I was born and raised in Texas, we only moved to Australia about five years ago LOL
          And surprisingly, (and disappointingly) most people don't talk like Steve Irwin..
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        Jan 7 2013: We moved here from Texas where I was an engineer for General Dynamics in Ft Worth.

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